Uber employing automobile dispatch service employs "security robot" which is cheaper than security guards

An online car dispatch service Uber patrols a place decided on behalf of a security guard Egg type security robot "K5It was reported that the introduction of.

Uber hired a robot to patrol its parking lot and it's way cheaper than a security guard | Fusion

The robot that Uber bought is a Silicon Valley startupKnightscopeIt is a robot shaped like an egg with a size of 1.524 meters and a weight of about 136 kg. HD cameras and thermal cameras that can shoot 360 degreesLaser range finder- Weather sensor - License plate recognition camera - Four microphones - Human identification function etc. are carried, and parking lot etc can be patrolled for 24 hours instead of security guards in the decided area.

You can see how K5 actually patrols when you see the following movie.

Data is Never Big Enough - YouTube

K5 is not equipped with a taser gun or firearm, but if an abnormality is detected, we will send an alarm to a human security guard while recording the surrounding situation. These data can be submitted when reporting to the police. Knightscope rents the robot, not sales, and the cost per unit is about $ 7 per hour (about 700 yen). It is said that customers often borrow two cars at a time, and by operating another car while charging one car, it will be possible to guard the cars 24 hours a day.

Stacy Stevens, vice president of marketing at Knightscope, said, "If you employ a human security guard, you need $ 25 to 35 dollars per hour (about 2500 yen to 3500 yen), but if you introduce Knightscope's robot, one We can patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days cheaper than wages of security guards of minutes. " According to Stevens, two major security companies have already agreed to a contract with Knightscope.

Mr. Stephens said, "There is a Uber in a recent customer," Uber replied to the question "Why did you hire a security robot" by Fusion, a news site that reported this? ... apparently ... It is unknown what kind of trouble Uber introduced security guard robot,Uber is also focusing on the development of automatic driving taxisIt is said that it is said that they are doing steady progress of employment change of robot and human beings.

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