4P movies of GoPro who pursued "GT-R LM NISMO" who fought Le Mans is being released

F1 Monaco Grand Prix, It can be mentioned as the world's three largest automobile races line up with the Indy 500Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance RaceNissan's racing car who participated in the "GT-R LM NISMO"The 4K movie recorded with GoPro has been released so that you can see the valuable scenes of the backstage behind the scenes of development and racing.

◆ What is Nissan GT-R LM NISMO
Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is a car with extremely original origin that adopted extremely rare front wheel drive layout for road racing cars. Because the engine including the hybrid system is installed at the front, the front nose part from the driver seat has become an extremely long layout is a big characteristic on the appearance.

NISSAN MOTORSPORTS | the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship

GT-R LM NISMO to be put into the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC) in 2015, but in the first half of the season I have to wait for the test to concentrate on the test and at Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race in June We will make a real debut. However, because the layout package that was too breakthrough was bad, or because the progress of the test was not good, in the preliminaries it was difficult to make the prescribed time and it was a hard time. In the final, two out of three cars retired, one completed running 242 laps to complete the race but unfortunately the LMP 1 class that went on race did not reach the prescribed number of laps, so the result on the result was a complete race It did not become.

However, the essence of GT - R LM NISMO is said to be a meaning to challenge. Footprints are recorded in the following GoPro 's 25 - minute length feature movie.

GoPro: The Art of Innovation - Nissan GT - R LM NISMO in 4K - YouTube

The machine will be assembled at the NISMO race shop in Indiana, USA. NISMO is an affiliated company of Nissan and manages motor sports.

A monocoque body of a machine placed on the floor. It is made of black carbon fiber.

Also the appearance of the V6 twin turbo engine mounted on the work carriage.

Assembling the machine. Because the engine comes in front, it is a familiar scene in general racing cars.

Fab Shop performing metal working. In the area from here onwards, it is essential to wear a glass to protect your eyes.

A test was carried out at the timing of 126 days to Le Mans 24 hour endurance race.

It is the British driver who holds the steering wheelHarry · Tynunnel.

It seems that preparations are progressing steadily with the addition of liquid which seems to be fluid (hydraulic oil).

Another driver,Olivier PraAlso the figure of. While we are sitting in a cockpit while we are in a meeting, the narrowness of the cockpit that folds legs as if triangular sitting is transmitted. Is this also due to the FF layout with the engine in front?

A driver 's perspective from the small GoPro. On the day of Le Mans, three drivers get onboard in this cockpit and keep on running for the goal 24 hours ahead.

Start of first run

I made a kind of light engine sound like a heavy V6 peculiar to V6, and the running was completed.

As of 119 days until Le Mans, we conducted a test for night driving this time.

Running with strong headlights and lighting on the side of the road. Even if the driver who ran the man many times, the level of tension is still different at night.

Tested as of the 74th remaining. This time it is a day circuit.

Cowl which cracked, carbon fragile was exposed even after it cracked without survival.

Did you digest quite a distance, the body side is dirty and black.

With this appearance the development for Le Mans' day was promoted.

And finally the Manu Week has arrived. Three drivers appeared in the driver's parade.

There are also scenes where children are required to sign.

Some people wield flags written with letters of GT - R, Nissan, NISMO.

Using Selphy sticks everyone is shy.

This old man signs all over the body.

Some people have signs on jeans.

And as Le Mans's opening came closer, at the Arnage airport adjacent to the venue, the Salto Circuit, one car is doing work somehow.

Driver who wears a racing suit and wears a helmet ·Jan MulddenboroughThe figure of.

Arriving there, "No. 21 car" which is one of the three GT-R LM NISMOs who will participate in three cars. It is said that the No. 21 car is just in the state of completion of assembly, and it was a busy schedule to carry out a shakedown run on Le Mans day.

Team's only Japanese driver ·Masao MatsudaAlso the figure of. Due to the fact that the other two were promoting the development, the 21st car was able to participate in the race successfully after completing the shakedown successfully.

Finishing the two-day qualifying, finally the day of the race finally arrived.

A fighter of the French Air Force flew over the sky and celebrated mood.

Get on the machine ......

I pray for a good fight and send out the driver with a handshake.

The race started!

The remaining time points to "23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds", the beginning of a long day.

The appearance of a child holding his / her ears without thinking of loud volume

Pit 23 is car. From here, refueling, tire change, driver change and so on are carried out in a hurry.

GT-R LM NISMO does not rise in time compared with the same class machine, and it will pace lively and lightly.

As the sun goes down, the circuit will gradually be wrapped in darkness.

The ground stand was also in a quiet situation.

Still continuing race

Pit crew also has a color of fatigue.

Is it pitting in No. 22 car that collided with a foreign object and the car body was damaged?

10th hour from the start of the race, the 21st car hit by the trouble of the front tire coming off during driving retired.

The night of Le Mans is gone, the famous Ferris wheel lights up as well.

The night has gradually come to light.

When 22 hours and 40 minutes have elapsed from the start, car No. 23 suddenly stops. Team crews looking anxiously at the monitor.

One of the drivers in charge of car No. 23,Max · Chilton"I heard that the gear seems to be stuck (fixed) in 3 rd gear." After that, I tried restarting but retirement No. 23 is about one hour until the end of the race.

As the race also comes to the second half, the team crew suits are pretty dirty.

And it was time for checkers. Porsche who scored the 2015 race with complete victory is the goal.

And car number 22 of GT - R LM NISMO was able to receive a checker.

Cruising the team crew through the front of the pit No.22

The main straight after the goal is in a heavy congestion state. The awards ceremony will be held from now.

Champagne fight by the winning Porsche team and others. Unfortunately Nissan has been sluggish, but I would like to expect a future reoccurrence.

In addition, Nissan announced the attitude to devote himself to development, for the time being, for the time being, for the immediate participation in the race by GT-R LM NISMO. It is a place to wonder in what way to come back in the future.

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