"ZooBorns" introducing babies of animals born in zoos and aquariums around the world

Especially, even people who do not like animals can not resist only the love affection of animal babies, they are taken up in news every time a baby is born in zoos in various places, seems to be increasing the number of visitors. But if there is no parent child will not be born and little baby will become adult if time goes by, there will not be a zoo where only babies gathered.

So I will introduce the site "ZooBorns" which reports babies born in zoos and aquariums around the world. I do not have physical fitness to go to the zoo or aquarium, but it may be useful when I want to see the baby of a cute animal quickly and be healed.

Details are as below.ZooBorns

In ChicagoShedd aquariumI was born on 14th December 2009Silk dolphinBaby. When I was born I already had a body length of about 1.6 m and a weight of about 73 kg.

The state of childbirth is as follows. (It may be better to watch out for people who are not good at blood)
YouTube - Beluga Whale Birth Video - Shedd Aquarium

State of IndianaFort WayneIt is inFort Wayne Children's ZooI was born on 26th November 2009Banded MongooseShimamongoose). A baby born with six birds is mischievous and seems to have seven adult mongoose tying up.

Something is making up my face.

In SydneyTaronga ZooAt the male born on July 4th 2009Luk Chai,Asian elephantAs individuals born for the first time in Australia. I was born with a weight of 96 kg after gestation period of 660 days, but it seems to grow to 5 tons in the future.

Oregon ZooThe extinction threatened speciesWestern pond turtle.

Alien speciesBullfrogIt seems to be threatened by.

When growing to a size that can not be eaten by a bullfrog, it is hometownColumbia River GorgeIt will be released.

In ArizonaWildlife World Zoo & AquariumWas born inOcelotBaby.

It is a shy pattern while interested in humans.

Ocelot that is distributed in Latin America has been designated as an endangered species in many countries due to its reduced number of individuals due to fur purposes and overfishing to sell as a pet.

In San DiegoSea WorldHeatheredSea turtleBaby.

IncubatorWe did not use such as 82 people were hatching naturally on the sandy beach in the park. It is still hand-ridden now, but the service life is over 100 years.

The world's only sloth protection facility in Costa RicaSloth SanctuaryFromSlothA baby 's video.
YouTube - Baby sloth

Even in Japan we call it "sloth", but the English name "Sloth" also means "laziness". However, in this movie it is unexpectedly seen that it moves absolutely.
YouTube - The Funniest Baby Sloth Video Ever !!!

Colorado StateDenver ZooofhyenaParent and child.

Three months old baby Kai seems like a puppy, but in reality it seems to be closer to the cat than the dog.

Born in M'Bopicuá breeding center in UruguayParaguaian Hairy Dwarf Porcupine(U.S. PorcupidaeMinami - nobori peach).

When growing, the fur becomes sharp and hard needle hair, but when it is a baby it is fluffy.

Florida State of MiamiMiami MetroZooWas born inOugi eagleBaby. Reproductive success in the zoo is the second case in the United States.

I have a small but sharp beak. Because the breeders can not get close by the warning of the mother bird, the sex is unknown.

Kansas CityLocated on the Missouri side ofThe Kansas City ZooFrom the 5th month old female fromOrangutan"Kali".

Kali was abandoned by her mother as soon as she was born, but she was raised for 5 months by a human hand, and she was taken over by foster mother Jill of orangutan.

The yawning appearance is like a human baby.

Baby pictures and movies of many other animals are also from the following.


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