A movie "The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained" that you can understand how much scary a superbug of a demon that antibiotics do not work

Resistant to the strong antibiotic "colistin" also described as the last fortBacteria found in ChinaIn recent years superbugs of resistant bacteria that antibiotics do not work are becoming a problem all over the world. A movie that explained with animation so that anyone can know why the super bug is born and how dangerous it is "The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained"is.

The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained - YouTube

Bacteria are the living things that live on the earth from the oldest.

Bacteria that continue to live consistently exist anywhere in human life.

Most of the bacteria are harmless, and some bacteria are necessary for the human body ... ...

It is also true that there are bacteria harmful to the human body, many people died due to bacterial infection.

However, things change completely with the invention of antibiotics.

The life of many people was saved by antibiotic killing bad bacteria.

How antibiotics kill bacteria, for example, suppose that bacteria are complex machines that run on several parts.

Antibiotics interfere with small machines in the bacteria. Specifically, it interferes with metabolism and takes power ... ...

Attacking DNA to prevent copying, and so on.

Also, some antibiotics break down cell walls, bacteria that have broken cell walls can not keep their shape and die.

These bacteria do not exert their effect on somatic cells.

However, in recent years, antibiotic resistant bacteria have been discovered.

Bacteria called resistant bacteria have properties such as invalidating the action of antibiotics and expelling antibiotics.

If these resistant bacteria are few, the immune system will be exterminated, so there is no problem, but if you escape from the body and proliferate it will be dangerous.

Bacteria have two kinds of DNA, chromosome and plasmid.

Bacteria contact each other and replace the plasmid.

Enhance bacterial capacity by replacing plasmid.

Also, bacteria can cause transformation that will alter the genetic character by collecting DNA from other dead bacteria.

Transformation also occurs from different kinds of bacteria, which may lead to the emergence of super bugs.

Super bugs often appear in hospitals, and many super bugs have already been confirmed.

It is antibiotic abuse that has a great influence on the appearance of super bugs.

Antibiotics are easily prescribed in developed countries, so superbugs resistant to antibiotics are likely to be born.

Antibiotics are primarily used for serious diseases and it is not a good thing to drink on a light illness.

It is also a big problem that antibiotics are used in the production of meat.

As of 2016, there are 200 to 30 billion livestock in the world.

Many livestock are raised in a narrow and hygienic environment.

The environment where livestock is kept is the best environment for bacteria.

Antibiotics are administered to livestock so that livestock does not get sick.

In the worst situation that resistant bacteria are born one after another when you eat food made from that livestock ....

However, measures to avoid the appearance of resistant bacteria, such as avoiding the use of the same antibiotic are taken.

In addition, resistant bacteria will not be born if you properly limit and use special antibiotics that can also kill resistant bacteria.

...... Although it was said, a superbug that can not be killed even with a powerful antibiotic has been born.

It is resistant to colistin discovered in ChinaSuper Bugis.

Superbugs resistant to colistin were discovered as if the last fort in war was broken down and it was the worst news for humanity.

Colistin has been used in livestock pigs in China.

Superbugs that are resistant to colistin are infected at a fearful rate and reach humans.

However, at the same time as bacteria evolve, technology continues to advance, so super bugs are a tough problem, but if you cope correctly it is not difficult to get over it.

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