What is the strongest virus "bacteriophage" that easily kills resistant bacteria that antibiotics do not work?

"Bacteriophage"Is a virus that infects and kills bacteria. Since the number of genes is smaller than that of other organisms, and the genome is decodedModel organismI will explain the movie that explains the bacteriophage used also as a scientific approach to various daily questionsKurzgesagtHas published it on YouTube.

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth - The Bacteriophage

On the earth, trillions of creatures are killed every day in places we do not know.

Living creatures that are killed in large quantities are bacteria. And the culprit that is killing that bacterium is a virus called bacteriophage.

Bacteriophage has a strange appearance that gives a very artificial atmosphere ... ....

The head is like a dice consisting of 20 sides and 30 sides.

The head contains genetic material that can be said to be the body of the virus ... ...

It has a fibrous leg at the tip of the tail extending from the head.

It is said that bacteriophage exists on the earth very much, and the number of bacteriophages is larger than the number of all other organisms including bacteria combined.

It is said that bacteriophage exists anywhere on earth on the place where living things exist and it is said that it lives in billions of units in human hands, intestines and eyelids.

If you know that bacteriophage is killing several trillions of creatures a day, you may feel horrible ... ...

Bacteriophage kills only bacteria, so it is safe to OK.

About 40% of the bacteria living in the ocean are killed by bacteriophage per day.

The body of the bacteriophage is the genetic material present in the head and can only grow by using the host bacteria.

There are different types of bacteriophage, each attacking a specific bacteria.

Bacteriophage aims at only specific bacteria like cruise missiles ......

From the tip of the tail, pull out an organ like an injection needle and pierce the surface of the bacteria with a needle.

When injecting needles, bacteriophage injects genetic information into the bacteria and produces the necessary organs for the new bacteriophage in bacteria.

Within a few minutes, the bacteria are filled with bacteriophages that have grown.

The new bacteriophage releases the enzyme that dissolves the bacteria, pierces the bacteria and jumps out. The bacteriophage thus released repeats the cycle of looking for and re-infecting bacteria again.

It is us humans who are interested in such bacteriophage.

In recent years, human beings are forced to consider seriously investigating attempts to inject millions of bacteriophages into the body.

There used to be a time when we humans just died of a slight cut or drinking unsanitary water, they died soon.

Bacteria are the bacteriophage for humans, infections caused by bacteria have killed many people.

However, in the first half of the 20th century, humanityAntibioticsI got a powerful countermeasure.

Antibiotics are very powerful against bacteria and it seemed that bacteria are no longer a terrible being.

Besides elderly people and weak physical fitness, it is almost impossible to kill bacteria.

We casually began using antibiotics without having serious symptoms, and we forgot the horror of bacteria.

However, bacteria are evolving creatures ... ...

Eventually resistant to antibiotics,Antibiotic resistant bacteriaWill appear. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are super strong bacteria with resistance to almost all antibiotics.

The number of annual deaths due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria is increasing every year, and it is predicted that the number of deaths due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria will exceed the number of deaths due to cancer in 2050. In the United States, 23,000 people have already died by antibiotic-resistant bacteria annually.

We are going back to the times when cuts and colds are fatal.

Bacteriophage is attracting attention as a new means of countering antibiotic resistant bacteria as "can be injected into the body to kill bacteria and treat infections."

Although injecting bacteriophage, a virus, into the human body may be a bit uneasy ... ...

Since human cells are completely different in structure from bacteria, it can be said that there is complete immunity against bacteriophage. Humans interact with billions of bacteriophages on a daily basis, but they are not adversely affected by bacteriophage.

Antibiotics will kill valuable bacteria in the intestines without a doubt like 'carpet bombing' ... ...

Bacteriophage is like guided missile, it can attack only specific bacteria.

Some people may think that "Like antibiotic-resistant bacteria, bacteria also have resistance to bacteriophage?"

However, bacteriophage also evolves in response to the evolution of bacteria. Both have been fighting for billions of years, but for the time being, bacteriophage dominates.

Even if bacteria have become resistant to bacteriophage ......

Next time, if bacteria are attacked with antibiotics, it is possible to drive bacteria into pinching of bacteriophage and antibiotics.

Bacteriophage effects on bacteria have already been demonstrated. For men infected with antibiotics called Pseudomonas aeruginosa from artificial blood vessels used in cardiac surgery in the United States ...

I treated the bacteriophage and antibiotics at the same time.

As a result, it seems that infectious diseases have subsided in a few weeks and it was possible to leave the hospital.

Unfortunately, at this stage, treatment with bacteriophage is at the research stage and has not been put to practical use. Pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to invest billions of dollars (hundreds of billions of yen) ... ...

The government also said that it has not given official approval for treatment with bacteriophage.

However, in 2016, a large-scale clinical trial is being conducted, and research on new therapies using bacteriophage has been progressing steadily.

Although antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a great threat to humans ... ...

By using the most devastating bacteriophage on the planet, you may be able to overcome the threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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