A movie whose understanding of the "Ebola virus's work" indispensable for Ebola hemorrhagic fever containment advances

Centered around West Africa, more than 5,000 people are raging more than ever and death paths are spreadingEbola fever heatHowever, by understanding the mechanism of Ebola virus correctly and deepening the understanding of its infection route, it is considered possible to prevent spread of infection and contain Ebola hemorrhagic fever. "To be correctly afraid" important To understand Ebola hemorrhagic fever, a movie that makes it easy to explain how the Ebola virus works is released.

The Ebola Virus Explained - How Your Body Fights For Survival - YouTube

Ebola virus spreading explosively in West Africa. Let's see how Ebola virus affects the human body and leads to death, and its mechanism.

Ebola virus (purple) is a very small virus compared to human cells (light blue) and bacteria (green).

Ebola virusRNAYaDNAAnd made of protein. It can survive by infecting cells by living it by itself.

However, as a system to attack foreign enemies, humans have an immune system.

The immune system is super complex.

It is such a feeling in a diagram that is easy to understand.

If only the immune system related to Ebola virus is extracted, it becomes like this.

NormallyDendritic cellsImmune cells called anti-virus measures. Dendritic cellsKiller T cellYaHelper T cellActivate and kill the enemy.

However, Ebola virus directly attacks these immune systems.

Ebola virus first attacks the dendritic cells, which is the head of the immune system.

Ebola virusReceptor (Receptor)Join well and invade inside.

Once inside it melts the inner wall and releases the protein enzyme ... ...

Rewrite the function and take over dendritic cells.

The hijacked cells are transformed into a virus production factory. The contents of the cell will be used as the material of the virus.

When "material" is used up, millions of Ebola viruses are released by destroying the cell membrane.

In addition to dendritic cells in the control tower, Ebola virus also works on T cells receiving instructions. And it tricks with a special signal so that it will die quickly.

In this way the immune system is destroyed. And the Ebola virus which destroyed the immune system began to multiply at several billion times the speed.

At this stageNatural killer cells (NK cells)Can attack and kill the Ebola virus.

However, in either case NK cells are destroyed by Ebola virus.

Ebola virus simultaneouslyMacrophageYaMonocyte (monocyte)It also infects cells that protect the body such as.

Ebola virus neutralizes the defense function of macrophages and monocytes, further manipulates them to attack blood vessels.

Blood is drained from the blood vessel in this way.

Furthermore, the function of white blood cells that should fight viruses is suppressed, and blood bleeding can occur because blood vessels can not be blocked.

Ebola virus also hits the liver.

Stem cells are killed and liver dysfunction and internal bleeding also occurred.

Fearfully, Ebola virus concurrently takes over harvesting of dendritic cells, T cell hijacking, blood vessel destruction, liver destruction at the same time.

Ebola virus attacks all parts of the body simultaneously and in parallel. Even at least one serious attack will occur at one time.

And finally, the immune system that humans have has become a nuisance.

When Ebola virus spreads in the body ... ...

The immune system will be on the last resort. It is "suicide attack"

This suicide bomb attack is powerful, but it will seriously damage the blood vessel and become a fatal injury.

Bleeding from all over the body. It causes dehydration, blood can not carry oxygen and the cell dies.

It is confirmed that many organs will become defective when going to here, infected people will almost die. Currently, the mortality rate in Ebola hemorrhagic fever is about 60%.

Certainly the Ebola virus is horrible ... However, it is not yet a panic.

It is most important to share information on Ebola hemorrhagic fever and understand well about disease.

Currently, the infection route of Ebola virus is contact with body fluid of the infected person,No air infectionI know that.

Avoid taking the trouble of approaching yourself to the body fluid of the infected person.

Ebola virus kills 5000 people in 2014.

However, influenza virus robs the lives of about 500,000 people every year ... ...

Even malaria is depriving the lives of one million people.

The number of deaths with Ebola virus is less than the life lost in malaria in two days.

Ebola is certainly scary, but not infectious.

It is likely that the most infected by Ebola virus is a mass communication that stirs up uneasiness more than necessary.

As you can see in the movie, the most important thing is to understand correctly about Ebola hemorrhagic and do not panic unnecessarily. Ebola hemorrhagic fever with high mortality rate tends to make fear easier, it can be said that it is easy to create a situation where panic easily occurs in society, but when panic occurs everyone becomes suspicious, society becomes malfunctioning, the infected person gives out There is a danger that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever will expand.

The infection with Ebola virus has a maximum mortality rate of 90% if the medical infrastructure is not prepared and treatment is not applied, but the mortality rate will be less than 50% if appropriate supportive care is given at an early stage . In addition, it is speculated that Ebola virus is not infected with air, so it is harder to infect than an epidemic pathogen such as influenza virus. Then,ZMappInvestigational medicines that are considered to be effective for treatment such as gemap are also appearing one after another. Ebola virus containment is possible with good medical measures.

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