What is 11 social skills that can increase likelihood soon?

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From the answer based on real experience gathered in the question "What is the most effective social skills to be worn soon" posted on the Q & A site · Quora, Business Insider picked up 11 social skills It is summarized.

Social skills that make you likable - Business Insider

What are useful social skills that can be picked up quickly?? - Quora

◆ 1: Talking with the eyes of the other party
The most attractive element of humans is "confidence", but "to have confidence" is not a good advice. A substitute advice with confidence from the viewpoint of interaction behavior is advice "Talk with the other person's eyes". You do not need any special skills or practice. When you talk with someone from now on, you just catch the line of sight of your opponent and gaze back.


◆ 2: I put my smartphone in my pocket
Do not remove the smartphone while meeting someone or during the meeting. One of the Quora users talked briefly, "I interrupt the things I do and carefully pay attention and see the other person," which also does not require special skills and starts immediately One possible effective habit.

◆ 3: Call the name
The fact that you can feel that the impression you give to the opponent improves just by calling the opponent by name instead of "you", or letting the name of the opponent appear in the conversation. If you are not good at remembering names and faces, it is effective to write out the name of the person you met, to relate it to images, rhythms, and so on. In addition, as soon as you listen to the name to the person who you first met, you call the name many times, the name is also remembered and the likelihood rises, it seems that it will be two stone.

◆ 4: Smile
Do not despise the power of a smile. People unconsciously reflect the body language of the person who is talking, so if you use a positive body language such as laughing or speaking jokes, the other person says that they will return nature and favor.

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◆ 5: I firmly shake hands
"A firm handshake" is the handshake of "not too strong, not too weak" and "not so strong". There are research results that people judge people's likes and dislikes of the first meeting in two seconds after meeting, so firmly shaking hands during self introduction will show a robust posture and positive body language, the first It will contribute to the improvement of impression.

◆ 6: Listen carefully
One of the Quora users said, "You have two ears, one mouth, let's use it at the correct ratio," giving a good impression when you go to the side you listen to rather than speak can do.

ByJonathan Powell

◆ 7: Listen not only to listen positively
It is important to listen without interrupting the story, but people who like it are what they really are listening to what they really are talking about. In the correct interview, there are four steps: "listen", "interpret", "evaluation" and "answer", and "interpretation" is a meaningful paraphrase of the contents heard, so that the evaluation can be quickly judged in the right direction and conclusion is reached Although it is a step to do, it is important to check whether you have heard all materials necessary for judgment without rushing the conclusion. Then, you can feed back the content you interpret and evaluate.

◆ 8: Praise others
"An incredibly effective trick to praise people is to sharpen the opponent's ego," one Quora user advises. Specifically, "Do you know well about marketing as much as you can surprise?" "I always get an error message when I do it, but you understand why," you ask questions about your opponent's field of expertise It seems to be a win-win way to succeed 100%, that you can learn things you do not know and feel better with your partner.

◆ 9: How to return good flattery
The secret to not being considered a conceit is to accept flattery correctly. When complaints are told, "Thank you, you are also you," if you return it as bothersome, you will be caught as a shy / self-conscious excess person. As a measure to reply to your flattery in reply to your flattery "You are ten times superfluous" "It is thanks to you" or set up an opponent, or "Thank you! I'm really happy to say that" Respond with confidence It is better to do.

◆ 10: I asked people who tossed away to resume
People talking about something forgets the continuation, sometimes a stupid interruption is awkward. In such a case, I took the initiative and resumed supplementing the opponent's story, saying "What happened at the end of the story of the bicycle, it was said that the dog was chasing me, did not it?" It is said that you can receive high evaluation from people talking when urging them.

◆ 11: I will not complain
When you are around a negative person, people who are listening get tired. One of the Quora users calls such a person "energy vampire", and if you realize that your story is bitchesy, you apologize soon to pick up a new topic.

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