Eating chocolate improves cognitive function of the brain

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A survey study on a large-scale cognitive ability targeting over 1,000 people since the 1970s is being conducted by professor of psychology at the main university. Initial research did not include factors related to food such as chocolate, but hypothesis was made that food influences cognitive performance from the middle of research, and in 40 years since the start of the research 2016, chocolate It has been found that ingestion of bile acids has a positive effect on cognitive functions of the brain.

The magical thing eating chocolate to to your brain - The Washington Post

Psychologist Merrill Elias was conducting research to observe human blood pressure and brain performance. The research has been continued for decades and finally investigates cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, smokingMain University / Syracuse University Joint longitudinal study (MSLS)It has developed into a large-scale long-term research that is called.

Although the initial research did not include the element "chocolate" as the main theme, Mr. Elias started thinking "How about asking participants what they ate in the latter stage of research?" Afterwards, it was suggested that food influences cardiovascular risk factors, and a questionnaire to ask subjects information on dietary habits will be incorporated into the survey, collecting long-term data from over 1000 people It became possible.

Mr. Georgina Crichton, who had been thinking of being related to chocolate and brain functions for a long time, focused on eating habits data by Mr. Elias' sample of 1000 people and in collaboration with Mr. Elias "once a week or more" We extracted those who eat chocolate with a frequency of "less than once" and compared the median value of each cognitive ability test. As a result, it was found that the performance of cognitive performance and the intake of chocolate had a "remarkably clear relation". According to Mr. Crighton, ingestion of chocolate "learns a telephone number", "two tasks at once", although it was known that intake of chocolate influences the visual spatial ability and memory of the brain It is said that the survey results show that they have improved the ability to execute daily tasks such as "to proceed".

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Next, Mr. Crichton's research team thought that people with superior cognitive function of the brain tended to prefer chocolate, chose a questionnaire from 300 participants from MSLS participants. Then, since the tendency that 'the amount of consumption of chocolate rises as the recognition ability is higher' was not confirmed, although ingestion of chocolate had a positive effect on cognitive ability, the opposite was not proved.

Increased cognitive ability by eating chocolate is included in cocoa and chocolateFlavanolIt is thought that it is influenced, and in 2014Cocoa flavanols dramatically improved memory lossSome studies have been announced to show that they were doing.

However, Mr. Elias said "Even if you do not want to eat chocolate blindly, the only thing you can say now is that it's not a massive amount of chocolate to make meal substitutes, but a small amount of chocolate will have a positive impact on the brain." He said that his research has not ended yet. In the future we plan to investigate the influence on the brain by type of chocolate, such as dark chocolate with a lot of cacao and few chocolate,Lots of chocolateWhat would happen if you eat '?

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