Lifespan 1000 years may be realized if living for another 30 years

ByBill Lile

If you think about before you go to bed like "How long will you be able to live for a few years?", You may not be able to fall asleep with imagining the uncertainty of death and the future you will be awaiting. However, it is a Norwegian web developerHåkon Skaarud KarlsenSan says, "If you survive for another 30 years, chances are that you will be able to live to be 1000 years old."

If you're alive in 30 years, chances are good you may also be alive in 1000 years (haakonsk)

Karlsen insists that it is not "prolonging the life itself" but "I will be able to live long as a result by making my age younger". The evolution of technology is the basis of that assertion. However, technology does not have to evolve at a stroke, but it should be evolving gradually. For example, if a person 50 years old as of 2016 lives 20 years and 20 years old, "technology to make old age 20 years old young" is born, the body keeps youth of 50 years old even if it is 70 years old , A further 20-year grace is born. Karlsen asserts that if life lives 20 years thereafter, technology will evolve enough to make the body 20 years younger this time, the lifespan will continue to grow.

The graphic below shows Karlsen's idea. Although the numerical value is not completely accurate, it is said that Karlsen's point of argument is suppressed. For example, a person of 100 years old or 80 years old has a remaining life expectancy as time elapses, while the remaining life expectancy is zero for a person of 50 years old It turns back on the verge of becoming it, and then you can see that it is rising with Gungun. According to Karlsen, it will be about thirty years later that technology to rejuvenate the body will be developed in earnest, and it seems that it may be in time for a 50-year-old person to make a moment match.

However, I suspect that "Really rejuvenating technology is established in 30 years?", Karlsen argues that "technology is evolving at astonishing speed." Underlying that assertion is the evolution of computers. Gordon Moore, one of the founder of Intel, said that "the number of transistors in a semiconductor integrated circuit doubles every two years"Moore's law"As an example of the evolution speed of technology. However, there was a significant delay in Intel's transition to 10 nm of the CPU manufacturing process,Moore's Law endsIt is reported that it is headed for.

Mr. Karlsen also realized that Moore's law was over, and long before Moore's Law was proposed, the idea that "the ability of computers that can be purchased with a certain amount of money is doubled with a short span" is raised , Arguing that this is realized in progressive form. Moreover, the ability of the computer is growing up to nearly double in one year instead of every two years like Moore's Law.

Furthermore, computers are growing not only in processing speed but even on their intelligence. Technological innovation in artificial intelligence has evolved remarkably in recent years, and Dr. Stephen Hawking said that "Artificial intelligence exceeds humans within 100 years"RemarkOr, at the go which was the last fortress of the board game which can not defeat the computer,Google's artificial intelligence defeated professional playersSometimes. The fact that artificial intelligence catches up with the level of human intelligence is a long way to come, can be convinced from previous studies.

Modify genes as desiredGenome editing, Technology to output organs in 3D print, computers that make more accurate diagnosis than a human doctor, computer development has greatly contributed to the medical field as well, and it seems that medical care has reached the point where it can be said as information technology about. If the computer continues to evolve, it will be possible to develop computers of cell-level size, so that it becomes possible to rejuvenate the old body at the cell level.

ByRede Galega de Biomateriais

It is a worldwide authority on artificial intelligence researchRay Kurzweil"The average life expectancy will increase by 1 year each year until 2030,"RemarkI have heard that Karlsen's argument sounds pretty crazy when I hear it, but from the perspective of artificial intelligence and computers it is possible that there is much possibility.

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