Technologies capable of checking blood data from smartphones via small chip in the body appeared

Patients with serious illness such as heart disease and diabetes need to know their health regularly. In the past, in order to know the health condition, I went to the hospital laboratory to collect blood and waited for the diagnosis results to come out, but by embedding the tip under the skin, And smartphones, was developed by a scientist at Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland.

Tiny Implant Could Be a Lab on a Chip | EPFL | LiveScience

Under the skin, a tiny laboratory - YouTube

The tip is very small, 14 mm × 20 mm, and can be easily embedded in the body.

The chip contains multiple sensors covered with different enzymes, and responds to blood constituents, cholesterol, protein, blood glucose, etc.

Chip power is supplied from skin patches as large as credit cards.

Data is transmitted from the chip inside the body to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and you can check the data in the blood yourself ... ....

Your doctor can know the patient's blood data in real time.

By being able to easily grasp the data, Giovanni de Micheli, research leader, says, "We can continuously monitor based on age and weight based data and weekly blood tests based on patient tolerance," he says.

This chip is a protein released several hours before a heart attackTroponinCould be found from patients with high risk of heart disease. By warning patients and doctors about the increase in this protein, it is expected that treatment will begin sooner.

Diabetic patients also seem to be able to measure blood sugar levels easily with this technology.

Researchers who learned that this technique has the same accuracy as conventional blood tests expect that this technology will be popularized within 4 years. I am worried about the risk of embedding chips in the body, but since there are many people who will be able to help with this, I would like you to spread it.

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