Government approval falls for the first time in the treatment method to destroy cancer cells with virus

ByMiles Smith

The US Food and Drug Administration (FAD) gave the first authorization in the world against the treatment method to attack and destroy cancer cells with virus. This treatment causes cold soresHerpes simplexIt is to destroy cancer cells based on that, and research has been continued for decades.

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Viruses generally have a shape like a small embryo, and after entering the human body it takes over the human cellular tissue to do self-replication, and cells infected with the virus are gradually destroyed . In "Stage 4" where cancer cells repeat self-renewal and transfer to other organs, the immune function against the virus disappears within the cell. In this state, the cancer cells are readily infected with viruses, so the research themselves, "to identify and attack only cancer cells using virus at the stage of stage 4" has been progressed for decades It was done.

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)Malignant melanomaWe approved for the first time on October 27, 2015 cancer treatment method using virus as a treatment method of "stage 4" tumor which worse as melanoma (metastasis) migrates to other organs such as skin and subcutaneous.

The virus, called "talimogene laherparepvec (T-VEC)" approved by FDA this time,Herpes simplex virusBy genetically modifying it, it was made as a virus that only attacks cancer cells. It is based on herpes virus, but does not affect healthy cells, so it will not cause herpes in the body.

In addition, T-VEC destroys cancer cells, and at the same time, proteins that play a part of the immune system "GM-CSFIt carries the gene with "and enhances the human innate immune system.

Although T - VEC can not be considered a silver bullet for cancer, it was announced in May 2015Clinical trial resultsIt is clear that T - VEC has reduced the size of the tumor and the lifespan of cancer patients has increased by an average of 4.4 months. As a result, researchers hope that by combining treatment using virus and existing cancer therapy, it may be possible to increase patient survival rate.

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