Happy set of McDonald's on a VR headset like Oculus Rift

At McDonald's in Sweden, an attempt will be made to make the "Happy Meal" box, which is a Japanese happy set, transformable into a VR headset. Original games will also be offered and children will be able to enjoy the world of virtual reality easily using smartphones.

Happy Goggles

McDonald's Is Now Making Happy Meal Boxes That Turn Into Virtual Reality Headsets | Adweek

You can check how the McDonald's VR headset feels from the following movie.

Happy Goggles - A virtual reality headset made from a Happy Meal Box. - YouTube

McDonald 's Happy Set is familiar to children.

However, the box of the new Happy set is a little different from the one of the past, opening a hole in the box ......

Remove the lens pack from inside.

Further decompose the box bell.

Fold the remaining part ......

To a rectangular parallelepiped.

Here is the lens pack removed earlier.

If you set up a smartphone ......

McDonald's VR headset is completed.

You will be able to enjoy original games with handmade headset.

McDonald's made VR set was named "Happy Goggles". It will be offered from McDonald's 14 stores in Sweden from 5th to 12th March, the price is 4.1 dollars (about 460 yen). In Sweden there is a sports vacation from the middle of February to the end of March and many family members go out to skiing so that McDonald's will offer a game of "Slope Stars" ski with VR headset according to sports vacation .

In a similar attempt done in the past Pizza Hut can be transformed into a projectorPizza boxIt is said that it developed. Sweden · McDonald's representative Jeff Jackett said through Happy Goggles "Children's parents can learn more about the digital world's experiences of children," Happy Goggles and the game communicate with family members It is suggesting the possibility of expanding. Although Happy Goggles is an effort to be done only in Sweden at the time of article creation, it seems that it may possibly be offered all over the world depending on future results.

However,If the Happy set box is transformed into a VR headset, then the face will have a potato smellAlso pointed out that.

Although McDonald's is doing its own efforts on Happy Meal to attract children, the original character is also becoming a topic as being "too scary".

Topics on McDonald 's new character' Happy 'are too scary - GIGAZINE

On the other hand, although I can not purchase from Japan yet, the sale of the virtual reality headset that Google announced has also begun. The price is $ 25 (about 2,800 yen) in 2 pieces.

Virtual Reality Headset - Google Cardboard - Google Store

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