NEC releases "Hello Kitty PC" decorated with crystal glass

It is said that NEC will release a notebook computer "LaVie G Hello Kitty Model" collaborated with Sanrio. Start receiving sales from today and arrive from June 19 (Tue) onwards. The price is 199500 yen (tax included).

The theme of "PC like shining jewelry box" has been adopted as decoration, such as Hira Kitty of original design which wore "happy tiara", etc. It is becoming a commitment PC.

Details are as follows.
Release of Hello Kitty PC decorated with crystal glass (6th June 2007): Press Release | NEC

According to this release, in addition to the sparkling Hello Kitty who wore the "happy tiara" originally designed for this model, there are 19 types in total, 299CRYSTALLIZED - Swarovski ElementsCrystal glass, one by one manually decorated parts in total, five parts in the rose pink top plate so that Hello Kitty design parts will be in the center, the parts with heart motif motif like to surround it It is said that it is arranged. In addition, "Hello Kitty" logo is also stamped on the top board by laser processing.

The original screensaver expresses the making story till the birth of this hello Hello Kitty, and by preparing the original wallpaper, even when the tabletop is opened or closed, it is immersed in the world of Hello Kitty It seems to be doing.

Viewed from an angle.

This is a making story. Hello Kitty of sparkling is born.

You might be delighted by women who love Hello Kitty.

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