A compact mobile WiMAX router "AZ01MR" that lets you carry fashionably in a leather case appears

The newest model "AZ01MR" of the mobile WiMAX router "WiMAX SPEED Wi - Fi" that will be able to use the high - speed communication service "UQ WiMAX" of downlink 40 Mbps, upload 10 Mbps for every wireless LAN device is "CEATEC JAPAN 2010"Was announced at the venue.

It is a compact model that can be carried stylishly in a leather case, and models that have not been announced have been exhibited as reference when released so far.

Details are as below.
UQ Communications 'WiMAX SPEED Wi-Fi' section

"AZ 01 MR" announced today was exhibited.

"AZ 01 MR" is made by Artiza Design and its size is 99.5 mm × 59 mm × 13.9 mm. It weighs 105 grams and the battery drive time is undecided.

Upper part

Viewed from the front. The USB connector can be stored.

Also, a special leather case will be released.

The case develops five colors.

I put it in a case

I wonder if it is quite small.

In addition, as a reference exhibit, NEC AccessTechnica's Mobile WiMAX router was exhibited as reference. Battery operation time is expected to be about 5 hours or more.

Integrated model of eye and data. This is also a reference exhibit.

The back side looks like this.

A power connector and a LAN connector are attached to the cradle.

The official page of UQ WiMAX is below. In addition, campaign which can purchase mobile WiMAX router etc. at low price is being implemented.

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