Acer tablet "Predator 8" outstanding compatibility with games & movies with 4 speakers reviews

Acer's latest tablet "Predator 8 GT 810"Is a new lineup that joined the Predator series for games, all of which are designed with game play in mind. We have 4 speakers · IPS liquid crystal · 4550 mAh batteries etc. We said that it is not only specs that are specialized in games, but I tried to experience how horrible it is actually playing games.

Predator GT-810 | Tablet - Technical specifications and reviews - Acer

◆ Appearance review
Predator 8 arrives at the editorial department.

When opening the lid, Predator 8 with a filter attached from inside appeared.

The Predator 8 main unit · microUSB cable · plug for charging was in the box.

Peel off the film and face the Predator 8 body. Predator 8 is 8 inches and has 1920 × 1200 IPS liquid crystal.

At the top of the front is a 2 megapixel camera.

The speaker is placed in the four corners, and it is said that it realizes virtual full surround with impressive power.

Earphone jack and microUSB port on the top.

There is nothing on the bottom.

MicroSD slot on the right side.

There is a volume button and a power button on the left side.

Predator 's logo is carved on the back and it has a 5 megapixel camera.

Many of the backs are made of smooth and slippery plastic ......

Rubber material is used for the upper and lower parts, making it easier to grip.

The size of Predator 8 is 8.7 × 127 × 218 mm and weighs about 350 g. Because plastic is used, it is lighter than the impression from a metallic and heavy appearance.

Sometimes I placed the speakers in the four corners, the size is slightly larger than the 7.9 inch iPad mini 3.

Thickness is thicker than iPad mini 3, but ...

It is just right thickness to have with both hands. Also, I felt that the protruding speaker part fits firmly into the palm and it is easier to hold for a longer time than the tablet terminal which emphasized the thinness.

Thanks to the rubber part on the back, you can hold the main body tightly and the shibbest appearance that other products do not have is also good.

◆ Actually playing games & watching movies
Because Predator 8 is the best tablet for playing games, graphics are a beautiful rhythm game "Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage"(Dereste) · FPS"UNKILLED"·shooting game"Gothic is a magical maidenActually played it. You can check the movies that shoot the situation while playing from the following.

First of all, I tried playing "UNKILLED" of FPS which made heavy use of 3D graphics, but realized a stress free play on a screen that moves nullly. Even if you play with both hands for a while, it was not that the hand got tired from the high grip.

I tried playing "UNKILLED" on gaming tablet "Predator 8" - YouTube

Shooting game's "Gothic is Magic Otome - Google Play's Android application"To use a lot of screen by operation, you can not play with grip in the portrait orientation, place directly on the table and play. As the movie street, there was no delay or lag and I could play comfortably.

I tried playing "Gothic Magic Otome" on Gaming Tablet "Predator 8" - YouTube

Next time I played Dereste. Although the response to the touch operation of the display is good, there was a delicate deviation in the timing of tapping and the tap sound. This gap can not be corrected by slightly changing the live setting, there was a slight difficulty in play comfort, but live video and notes were not choked at all. The thing to notice is the sound that comes from the four speakers, you can enjoy a vivid and three-dimensional sound.

I tried playing "Idol Master Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage" with Gaming Tablet "Predator 8" - YouTube

It responded well to the touch operation of the display, and there was no chapping of the live image at all. I put it on a wooden table and played, but as long as I do not tap or swipe strongly, the body will not move. Also, the sounds flowing from the four speakers are brilliant and have a three-dimensional feeling.

I tried playing "Idol Master Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage" with Gaming Tablet "Predator 8" - YouTube

Playing back the trailer of "Batman vs Superman Justice" with Predator 8, the heavy bass has been lighter than the original, but the middle to high range is covered well. Compared with smartphones and others, the difference is clear, compared with the high-end tablet terminal, the sound quality is not inferior, and as for the three-dimensional feeling of the sound, it can be convinced that there are only things that only four speakers are loaded was.

I tried to play "Batman vs Superman Justice's birth" trailer with "Predator 8" - YouTube

◆ Benchmark
After playing the game I will try to measure the benchmark. The specifications of Predator 8 are as follows.
OS:Android 5.1 Lollipop
CPU:Intel 64-bit Atom x7 (x7-Z8700) Quad core 1.60 GHz
GPU:Intel 8th generation Intel HD Graphics
storage:32 GB

Antutu BenchmarkThe result in "72710", 3D was "22513", UX was "24715", CPU was "21471", RAM was "4911".

It is No. 9 in the ranking including the score of other models.

Compared with Huawei's "Mate 8", although it is inferior to the total score and RAM score, it exceeds the score of UX image processing and 3D.

You can see that image processing and 3D are better than Sony's Xperia Z5.

Used for performance measurement centered on GPU "3D Mark", The score is 1219 and it is good. The comment was also "one of the most powerful devices with all working normally".

The following images are monitoring graphs during benchmark measurement. You can see that the CPU (blue) is operating between 480 MHz and 2.4 GHz and the operating temperature (red) is rising only once. I was slightly worried about the 4550 mAh battery (green), which was reduced by about 2% by just measuring for a few minutes. If you play the game for a long time, it seems that playing while charging is unlikely.

◆ bonus
Predator 8 can shoot screenshots not only by "Power + Volume Button" but also "Triple Finger Pinchin", which can be checked from the following movie.

Pinch in with 3 fingers to take a screenshot with "Predator 8" - YouTube

Predator 8 is also on sale at the time of article creation. The price is 58,914 yen including tax. Acer tablet Predator GT-810/2 GB / 32 GB / Android 5.1: Personal computer · peripheral equipment

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