"Nexus 9" haste photo review, 8.9 inch Google Russified Tablet looks something like this

It will be the latest version of Google's Nexus series, 64bitNVIDIA Tegra K18.9 inch tablet with "Nexus 9I got to the editorial department of GIGAZINE so I tried photo review at once.

Nexus 9 - Google

This is the box containing Nexus 9, 9 characters on the surface.

The back of the box.

HTC is in charge of manufacturing Nexus 9.

Because the box is closed around by the seal ... ...

You can cut cleanly by inserting a card etc.

That's why I opened it with Pakari.

I lift the Nexus 9 inside ... ...

There was a case of blue.

Below that is Micro-USB cable for charging and AC adapter for charging.

The blue case contains a quick start guide and warranty card.

The quick start guide looks something like this, Illustrated with an illustration of where on the terminal there are buttons and terminals.

Take care and remove the vinyl wrapping Nexus 9 ......

This is Nexus 9.

A speaker and 1.6 megapixel in camera at the top of the display.

Since there is a speaker also in the lower part of the display, it seems to be able to enjoy the powerful sound.

The back side is made of mat resinous materials like Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, the touch is smooth.

The rear camera is 8 megapixels.

"Nexus" logo in the center of the back.

There is HTC logo at the bottom.


There is an earphone jack and a white slit here.

Micro - USB port for charging on the bottom

There is nothing on the left side.

On the right side ......

Volume control button and power button from the left

Nexus 9 uses frosted metal on the side, making it more luxurious than the previous Nexus series terminals.

I turned on the power. Because Nexus 9 is a tablet with Android 5.0 Lollipop, the image on the home screen is slightly different from the Android tablet so far.

Especially noticeable points are that the icons of "return", "home" and "multitask" displayed at the bottom of the screen are changed to "△" "◯" "□" respectively.

Weight is slightly heavier than the nominal value (425 grams) 427 grams.

Since the bezel is narrow, vertical holding is a little inconvenient impression.

If you hold it sideways, you can firmly grip a finger without touching the screen, so you can hold it steadily with one hand.

Comparing Nexus 9 (left) with 10 inch tablet Nexus 10 (right), its compactness stands out.

The back of Nexus 9 (top) feels slightly dark blue than Nexus 10 (bottom).

Thinness is almost the same, but Nexus 9 is thinner.

In addition, Nexus 9's body color is developed in two colors, Indigo Black and Lunar White, with a 16 GB Wi-Fi model of 43,090 yen and a 32 GB Wi-Fi model selling at 49,570 yen. However, at this time all models are out of stock on Google Play.

Nexus 9 (16 GB, Wi-Fi, Indigo Black) - Google Play device

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