Fried rice with plenty of rare meat such as Hanaisita and Mangalica pork has been eaten by Osaka king in "Okinawa Okinawa Fried Rice"

Osaka king from the end of January 2016, even among beef is said to be a rare siteHoney stone"Fried rice with black" of rich and flavored using, and is a national treasure pig of HungaryMangalica porkAnd red pepper spiced "red fried rice" seasoned with red sea bass based on red pepperExquisite Thick Cut Fried Meat Fried Rice"Has appeared. Since it is said that it is a luxurious menu that uses rare meat with fried rice without regret, we have checked what kind of taste it is in fact.

Limited time "Exquisite Thickly Sliced ​​Meat Delicious Fried Rice" on sale! | Spirit of dumpling specialty store Osaka king

I got to King Osaka at once.

Discovering a climb that appeals two kinds of exquisite thick-cut meat salted fried rice at the shop.

Freshly roasted fried rice meat deliciously delicious arrived in about 5 minutes after ordering. On the right is a superb thick-cut meat with black fried rice (single item tax included 890 yen) ", the left is" Extra-thick thick cut meat red-fried rice (single item tax included 890 yen) ". Both are single items and soup is set.

That's why I'll try to eat it from the black fried rice.

Plenty of meat and vegetables are on top of fried rice and it looks pretty gorgeous than ordinary fried rice.

The main ingredients are honey sticks, this thickness. When I try to eat it is very easy to understand, the flavor of beef spreads throughout the mouth.

Besides, green peppers · red paprika · onions are included in the ingredients and it is colorful.

Fried rice is said to be seasoned with special sauce made with Chinese soy sauce and aged pea mackerel, and it is not a common rice fried rice but plenty of it. However, as you eat, the flavor of eggs peculiar to fried rice fried certainly spreads in your mouth, then Chinese soy sauce and rich matured bean sauce richly overflow your mouth. It is quite rich taste, but the honey flavor and taste far outstrips this, so it is a luxurious fried rice to be occupied in the mouth every time you eat meat.

Next I will eat red fried rice.

The main ingredient is Mangarica pork which is a national treasure pig of Hungary, which is thicker than the honey stone of black fried rice.

In addition, the ingredient is a simple composition of onion and green onion.

The red fried rice is feeling topping the Mangalica pork which was fried with spicy seasoning on ordinary parapara fried rice.

The fried rice seems to be seasoned with a red sauce based on red pepper, and when you try it, fried rice with gentle egg flavor is added plus spicy egg scallops and it turns into a slightly spicy taste. Mangalica pork is considerably thick and has eaten response, it is also very crispy and melts fat in the mouth and raises the grade of whole fried rice by one rank.

In addition, "Extra thick sliced ​​meat fried rice" is scheduled to be on sale in late January 2016 and the offer period is scheduled until the end of April, but the sale start date and end date seems to differ depending on stores.

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