I tried to compare allegations with cats in a hot country and a cold country "Cats get fat when they get cold"

Children's song "snow"Cats are rounded up with kotatsu", but when I go to Europe, instead of a kotatsuHot water heating (radiator)Has appeared, and the cat lies on top of this. It may be that it is not very strong for cold, only for cats whose Egypt and Libya are also said to be of origin.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I did not care too much, but I visited in 2014Tunisia is a stray cat paradiseIt was also a cat boom in my journey. Since then, taking pictures of cats around the world, I noticed that cats get fat when they get cold, and they can lose weight when it gets hot. I took it all over the world, so I tried to compare the trends.

◆ Winter cat
The cat that I saw in the place where it was cold was wrapped in Mohumov 's hair and I made it as funny. It is sitting in a rounded figure with its limbs folded. There were many cats of the following type like the following.

· Turkey (taken in January 2015)
Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is an intersection of Europe and Asia, a tourist city with many historic buildings. On the other hand, it is famous as a cat spot. Although it was the third visit, it was cold, so there were cats with such a dignity.

Bulgaria (taken in January 2015)
It is a monastery of Bulgarian Orthodox ChristianityLilla monasteryIt is a cat I found when I stayed at. Since the altitude exceeds 1000 m, the area is quite cold. Since the monasteries are sometimes heated, a lot of cats have settled down. It was like a cat house.

· Montenegro (taken in January 2015)
It is a cat that was in the city city Kotor whose city center was surrounded by the wall. Cats were gathered around the bench, and I sat on the knee when I sat.

· Croatia (taken in January 2015)
This is also a cat found in a castle city called Dubrovnik. It was like a bowling ball like a whole.

· Australia (photographed in July 2015)
Japan was cold in the summer and southern hemisphere in winter, so the cold wind was blowing. The cat on the road is also plump.

· New Zealand (photographed in July 2015)
I could not stand the sleep, I was getting embarrassed. Mofhumov cat as if you wanted to be in Nadenadé.

◆ Summer cat
The image of the cat that I imagine is here. It is cheerful enough to spend even one T - shirt during the day. And the temperature which does not make it difficult even with a water shower. The cat who lives in such a place was generally a slim body shape.

· Myanmar (photographed in September 2014)
Mommy cat is giving up milk.

· India (photographed in April 2015)
A valuable moment of cat jump.

· Solomon Islands (photographed in August 2015)
This is also the southern hemisphere, the season is winter, but it was sweaty enough to be close to the equator. A cat is also normal.

Malaysia (photographed in August 2015)
I was not too thin, not too fat, it was an ideal body type cat.

Thailand (taken in October 2015)
On the bench, I was asleep and sleepy.

· Philippines (photographed in October 2015)
A cat that also looked like a massage. There is no useless meat, it has a smart body.

◆ Cat in Tokyo
So what about Japanese cats?

There was a little errand service at the end of January 2016, I came to Tokyo, although it was 2 days a night. Tokyo is cold enough to fray the body. If it is so cold, you should be able to discover fat cats. In anticipation of such expectations one of the leading in TokyoYanaka Ginza to be a cat spotWe are going to visit.

Yanaka Ginza greeted me by Lucky Cat.

At the staircase "Dusky dan" that there is a cat.

However, I can not find a cat even if I walk even if I walked against expectations I hugged. There was also a precautionary note to avoid giving food and a plastic bottle with water at the eaves of a private house, so there was probably a cat, but I could not catch that figure. I only encountered a cat at a small street in a residential area, but I ran away soon that I was not able to take a picture.

While I was walking in front of Yanaka Ginza, although I could take a picture of a cat, I was across the fence, so I did not know the figure clearly. Why do you feel like you are full?

◆ Cat in Okinawa
Tokyo was sorry, but there was a cat in Naha, Okinawa. If you walk in town with placpla, you will come across a cat with a good chance. There were also times when I heard low groaning voice saying "Nyaaaaaaa" from lodging staying at the late night cat's meeting.

It is Okinawa with a warm image, but it will cool down at night unexpectedly. Especially in the cold weather wave of January this year, cold wind was also blowing in Naha city. That is why the cats in Okinawa were heartless or round.

A cat on the sidewalk.

Discovered under the bench.

I trust my back on the wall and I am relaxing.

This was a cat with a collar.

Many people were found on the Internet who have the same things as my doubts. It seems to be felt regardless of domestic and overseas.

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One answer to this answer is that "cats grow in winter hair when they get colder". There was a proper reason for the winter cat to move mohumov.

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Although it seems to increase the amount of meal to prepare for the cold, because it is a domestic cat, the owner puts it in a warm room so that it becomes fat due to lack of exercise, because "it gets fat during winter hair It seems to be a conclusion that you can see, actually, winter cats are easy to get fat. " Are cats at your house and familiar cats too fat?

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