Google quietly ended "Play for Education" service for educational institutions

The service for educational institutions that Google offered from 2013 "Play for Education"It turned out to be finished in March 2016.

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"Play for Education" was a service provided by Google aiming at dissemination of tablet devices at educational institutions, which was announced in November 2013. Technology mediaCRNAccording to exclusive content reported by Google, Google acknowledged terminating license sales of "Play for Education" on March 14, 2016.

Google executives who responded to the interview on CRN 's condition of anonymity said that he knew the end of the service when this person tried to sell the tablet to the customer. I informed the manufacturer about trying to estimate the terminal requested by the customer and it seems that I was informed that it is already being treated as obsolete number.

Google said it had taken marketing measures for Play for Education in 2015, but the senior official said that he does not know whether it was effective or not.

It turned out that one of the services for educational institutions came to an end, but in reality Google is focusing on offering Chromebooks for educational institutions, so it seems that it will not hurt so much for Google . In this field, Apple is also promoting efforts to disseminate the iPad to the education site, and the "defeat" of Play for Education is said that the number of accounts that can be managed by one terminal is small.

Google said it is continuing its support for customers who have already used Play for Education to interview TechCrunch. According to Google's publicity, "As of March 14, Google will terminate licensing sales of Google Play for Education, Google spans primary education to higher educationK-12We are committed to providing educational institutions with an ecosystem of best-in-class educational tools and educational apps including the best-selling Chromebooks. Google will continue to support Play for Education customers and sold terminals, "he said.

Google Quietly Shutters Play For Education | TechCrunch

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