Detailed release date of "iPhone 6" will leak, release will be in October

Apple will release "iPhone 6" which will be seen as a new iPhone on Tuesday, October 14, 2014MacRumorsIt reports.

IPhone 6 Said to Launch on Tuesday, October 14, Part of 'Incredibly Busy' Month for Apple - Mac Rumors

According to the information MacRumors got, Apple's StoreStore leaderIn the conference, Apple's senior store leader said in a conference the meeting will be "a very important day for Apple on October 14 (Tuesday)", this day will be the release date of iPhone 6 I am doing it. In addition, the senior store leader said that he would have said "in October it will be a very busy month for the Apple Store and Apple" and that one or more new products will be released in October I also let you premonition.

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Apple plans to hold an event for the media on Tuesday, September 16, and so far, most media reported that iPhone 6 will be released and released on this day. However, the information gained by MacRumors this time, iPhone 6 was announced at the September event, and the device will be released in October.

Apple has been announcing new products on "Tuesday", but source sources said there was high demand andPerfect Supply Status, It is considered reasonable to be leased at the beginning of the week.

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