"Housing Through the Centuries" which understands the history of households and houses in about two minutes

A movie that explains what kind of house the human being has lived for more than 27,000 years by animation "Housing Through the Centuries"Is on sale. Beginning with prehistoric cave dwellings, a variety of dwelling houses are gathered in about 2 minutes, including high-floor huts built on the water, mobile houses, and even Japanese "town shops" and "private houses".

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The primitive residence uses a natural cave, and animals' paintings on walls and ceilingsDrawnis. The entrance was small, but the space for the residence spread towards the back, I burned a bonfire in the center of the plaza and warmed up and cooked.

The house which made house framework with fangs and bones of mammoth and covered the roof with fur was around 16,000 BC. Bon fires are burned outside the house.

The house which covered the entire outer wall with animal fur was also used around 11,000 BC.

In the evening it is possible to close the entrance like a curtain.

Made with mud bricks "AdobeA house called "The Appearance in about 8000 BC. It is said that the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and Native Americans lived in Adobe.

A house around 1200 BC in the Neolithic and Bronze Age is a high floor type which directly sets up pillars in soil and water without setting corner stones on the ground. It is made in a wide area such as Asia and Europe.

In Latin it means "house"Domus"Was born in ancient Rome around 500 BC and lived upstream and middle class free people with luxurious marble making. There is a bath spring in the residence part at the back of the house.

On the other hand, middle and lower class Romans are made of bricks and concrete "Insula"I lived in a joint housing called"

I painted a white plaster into a skeleton combining woodTree structureThe house was born in a forested area such as Germany, France, the Netherlands and England around the 1st century, a building that imitated the European tree structure in the Meiji era was made in Japan.

Made in Europe around the 3 rd century "Chateau"Was not used as a" castle "made for so-called Japanese defense but was used as a manor's residence or a noble family's country house.

The hut "Madoff" made by knitting Asi was born in the Middle Eastern wetland of Iraq around the 9th century.

In the same period in Japan, the housing "dwarfing both the residence and the store"MachiyaMany buildings were built.

"Desert merchants used as inns"Caravan Saray"Also has a water field for camels to rest in the large courtyard.

Soil"Cobbus" which made earth walls by mixing water and straw, was the residence that was born around the 11th century.

In the eleventh century, a dwelling having dug a number of caves on a steep cliff was born.

Mainly the Mongolian nomads lived in a mobile residence "gel". Cover the circular framework with a felt cloth made of sheep's hairI used it as a roof / wall.

Originated in France "Gothic architectureAppeared around the 12th century.

"When America was under colonial rule by Britain"Colonial style residence"Is used in modern times in New England state as well.

"Private house" introduced as a Japanese residence in the 17th century, to be seen from the steep slope of the illustration drawn from the roof and snowfallJapanese ArchitectureIt seems that it points to that of.

"Fujian Earth Tower(Fukkin Doruu) "in the mountainous region of southwest China in Fujian Province of ChinaHakkaThree to five stories houses built by people of thick, using a thick earth wall and wood framework. There are more than 80 families living in a single Touro and now it is designated as a World Cultural Heritage.

The origin of "art"Beaux-Arts styleThe architecture appeared in France in the 18th century.

"Victorian style'S residence, born in the Victorian era as its name, is characterized by a brick wall and tile roof made from slate.

RomaOf the mobile residences where people livedVadoo"With a chimney, the interior was decorated gorgeously with accessories and carvings.

Art craft movementIt was built in the United States about the flow of "Craftman House".

As the population increases in the 20th century, high-rise public housing mainly in urban areas will emerge.

In addition, by assembling some members in the factory in advance, it is possible to construct "Prefabricated construction methodAlso born.

In the 1950's, a dome-shaped house covered with transparent panels in a circular roof ... ...

It is possible to move with a wheel "Trailer house"Different styles of housing are now being made, such as.

A domed house made of Styrofoam looks like an ice house where Inuit people live at first sight.

In the latter part of the 20th century, a format for using transport containers as houses appeared.

In the future,House built with 3D printerIt may become mainstream.

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