'Apple is strict in terminal manufacturing in the US', Presidential candidate Trump said

He is one of the Republican candidates for the 2016 US presidential electionDonald TrumpMr. VirginiaLiberty University, And insisted on a new policy of "making Apple products manufactured in the United States".

Mr. Trump 's speech of the speech made on January 18, 2016 on local time can be watched from below and claims regarding Apple will start around 1: 53: 20.

Donald Trump addresses Liberty University students - YouTube

At the end of a speech that spans about an hour, Mr. Trump said, "America has produced a great number of great people so far, in order to re-emerge as a nation, it is necessary to concentrate things in the country. Apple's PC should be made in the United States, not overseas, "he said. Mr. Trump repeatedly made remarks saying "I will regain America's manufacturing industry from China" from before.

To this claim, several overseas media criticize as "unrealistic". GIZMODO in the United States said, "Mr. Trump is mentioning free trade while arguing that it will apply 35% tax on industrial products manufactured domestically,Martin Luther King Jr. DayAs a speech we went to, there is no settlement in the assertion, and the policy to make Apple products domestically is quite impossible, "commentdoing. "The President has no power to prohibit private companies' overseas business entrustment and has no power to disassemble the world economy selfishly," he criticized Mr. Trump. "The most strange thing is that Mr. Trump is doing a number of claims as if it were a representative of a millionaire during his speech."

Also, The Verge says "Apple will manufacture some Mac products in the US in 2013Decisionwas doing. However, with regard to other products, Apple has made a great deal of trust in overseas companies that are requesting manufacturing, and it is simply a matter of addressing to turn Apple products into 100% domestic manufacturing in the United States It takes more time to do itcommentdoing.

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