Foxconn takes over 800 billion yen in the US with Apple to establish a display factory


President Terry Gow of Taiwan's electronic equipment manufacturer Taiwan Gow, whom Taiwan's electronic equipment manufacturer underwriting the production of the iPhone is taking in one hand, invested 7 billion dollars (about 800 billion yen) in the United States on January 22, 2017 We announced a policy to build a liquid crystal display factory. It is expected that Apple will jointly participate in this plan.

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During the year-end event for employees held on the 22nd, Gow said that the core company of Honda Honkhao (Hong Qi) and Apple will jointly invest in building a new LCD display factory in the United States Announced. Gow said, "Since Apple needs a display, he hopes to jointly make investments."

This announcement was made while the president of 45th US president of Donald Trump, who took office on January 20, 2017, clearly launched a policy of "factory in the US". In a situation where smartphone displays are becoming larger in size, Gow said that there is a merit in producing in the United States where there is a great demand in terms of logistics. Although actual plans have not been announced yet, in the future it is said that up to 50,000 jobs will be created from 30,000 people.


President Gow also announced that it will construct a molding factory for smartphones in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA. In addition, he is also announcing that it is now moving the smart display manufacturer under Canadian affiliated Foxconn into the United States. Gow said that it is "inevitable" to move production factories to the United States on these measures, keeping in mind attitudes of President Trump and the import tariff to the United States of "up to 45%" It is something to show you something.

Meanwhile, as China is the second market for Foxconn and Apple, we are also not going to withdraw from factories that are currently producing. Gow said, "We will continue to expand our investment in China, China is the world's largest market, do we need to turn over to that market?" In China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, it accounts for 19% of Apple's sales.

This plan is considered to be included in the investment plan announced when SoftBank President Son Masayoshi met with Trump in December 2016. President Son announced to Mr. Trump that "I will invest 50 billion dollars + 7 billion dollars (about 5.7 trillion yen + 800 billion yen)", but the material photographed at that time The SoftBank and Foxconn corporate logos line up, and the investment amount is thought to be that as well as agreement.

Foxconn, Participating in a huge investment plan agreed by Softbank Son and President Trump! - iPhone Mania

After the meeting, the document which the President Son, who responded to the interview got, has the logo of Foxconn next to Softbank.

From the logo sequence, it can be read that Softbank invests 50 billion dollars, Foxconn invests 7 billion dollars (about $ 798 billion), both companies create 50,000 jobs respectively, and within four years equivalent to the president's terms of office Also the deadline is written.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said in an interview held in 2015 that "Unlike Chinese workers, American workers do not already have the skills to produce Apple products." It seems that not only the Foxconn factory but also the movement of "American regression" promoted by President Trump is going to work or not, the magnificent "experiment" is about to begin.

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