SoftBank decides to domestic investment of more than 5 trillion yen in direct consultation with cards

Softbank's CEO Masayoshi Son makes a donoric visit to US President Donald Trump and made a talks and made a commitment to invest a huge sum of US $ 50 billion (US $ 5.7 trillion) in the United States.

Mr. Trump to introduce the grandchild CEO to the reporters in the lobby of the trump tower "I will introduce it, Masa of Japan's Softbank." My grandchild CEO is also a full smile.

"Softbank will invest 50 billion dollars (about 5.7 trillion yen) in the United States to create 50,000 new jobs in the US," said Mr. Trump, It's a really great guy, "he said.

The last shaking hands firmly. Mr. Trump speaks to his grandchild CEO, "Let's meet again later," and left the camera in front of him.

My grandchild CEO put forward a plan on SOFTBANK's investment in the US. It is to promise "50 billion dollar investment and 50,000 new jobs in the next 4 years". You can also check the description of "Foxconn" with SoftBank.

In addition, Mr. Trump said on Twitter "Masa was saying" If the cards did not win the presidential election, I would never have done such investment ", said the tweeting, the state of the meeting is happy.

Detailed contents of large-scale investment in the US exceeding 5 trillion yen by SOFTBANK, which bought British semiconductor giant ARM with a massive amount of 24.3 billion pounds (about 3 trillion 300 billion yen) in September 2016 is unknown at the time of article creation However, it seems that the grandchild CEO's aggressive attitude.

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