An interview revealed that the "President of the iPhone in the USA" and the next President's trip directly to Apple's CEO Tim Cook


Mr. Donald Trump, who was elected as the 45th president of the United States of America, informed the intention to do production in the United States according to "pledge" in a conversation with Apple's Tim Cook It is obvious.

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This content was revealed in an interview conducted by Mr. Trump at the headquarters of the New York Times on November 22, 2016. According to the contents, Mr. Trump received a call from Mr. Cook after victory of the presidential election. In the conversation, he said that "Success for me is to build a big factory in the US" and told the view that production of iPhone etc. should be transferred from the Asian region to the United States .

Cook CEO responded to Mr. Trump 's reply that "I understand". On the other hand, Mr. Trump announced that it intends to reduce taxes on companies as returning production to the United States. In addition, he said that he told me that it is a policy to abolish regulations that make it difficult to reduce taxes.

Among the interviews published on the New York Times, the part that Mr. Trump talked about Apple is as follows.

"I was honored yesterday that I got a call from Bill Gates and had a wonderful conversation, as I received a call from Apple's Tim Cook, I told him that" Tim, the real outcome for me is , Apple is to build a big factory in the United States, and also a number of big factories, it is my achievement not to produce in China, Vietnam, other countries, just in this place. " Then he answered "I knew", so I said "I will give incentives (return) to my company in my regime, I will do it. I am going to schedule, you will certainly like it. " However, in order to advance tax cuts, we have to remove regulations. Presence of regulation makes it impossible to reduce taxes. Whether you are liberal or conservative, if you explain thoroughly you will understand how regulations are absurd. There must be competition. However, companies can not compete, can not start up, can not expand. It's a state of breath. "

Mr. Trump has insisted that Apple will strictly manufacture the terminal in the United States during the presidential campaign so far, and this content can be taken as indicating the intention to advance its commitment . From Mr. Trump's explanation, Mr. Cook's attitude can be accepted as if it was ambiguous, but it is said that it is uncertain whether Apple can actually transfer the factory to the United States.

'Apple is strictly manufacturing terminals in the US', claimed Presidential candidate Trump said - GIGAZINE

Simulation is also carried out when actually returning production of the iPhone to the United States. In the trial calculation, "scenario 1" which only assembles, "scenario 2" to transfer parts procurement to the United States, and "scenario 3" to make the procurement of raw materials such as aluminum to the full American system are simulated, but the lowest But iPhone's price is estimated to be over 5% higher.

If Donald Trump becomes president and forcing the iPhone to domestically make it American, the iPhone price will rise - GIGAZINE

Regarding the intention of Mr. Trump, the Chinese government said in an institution magazine, "If Mr. Trump plots a trade war against China, iPhone's sales will decline and we will stop importing vegetables etc." I post articles that can be taken.

If China says "Mr. Trump will apply tariff of 45%, iPhone will not sell" and checked by the magazine - GIGAZINE

Mr. Trump 's intention is "to regain employment to the US", so called "America · First(American first principle) "is best embodied. While the view that the "Protestant President" was born and the protectionist policies that smolder in each country are accelerated is also spreading, while Apple's product, an American company, produces few American employment Facts that should not be overlooked. How Apple's policies and the global economy complement each other, Apple 's production site problem is actually not only a country' s interest but also a big challenge.

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