Au announces "au Electric" electric service capable of cashing back up to 5% of usage fee

As au liberalizes electricity retail power service "Au eleganceWe announced. Au poppets are scheduled to be available throughout the country from April 2016, and "au Electric weapon set" which cash back up to 5% when used in conjunction with au mobile phones and smartphones has also appeared.

Au's electric service "au ekin" starts offering from April 2016 nationwide! | 2016 | KDDI CORPORATION

Au's electric service "au ekin" starts offering from April 2016 nationwide! | 2016 | KDDI CORPORATION

Au echo | au

"Au Eiki" will be electric service for users who are using au mobile phones · smartphones. The price plan is prepared for "Housekeeping M Plan" for households and "Eikyu L Plan" for corporate users, the Electricity M Plan is equivalent to the conventional metered electricity plan used in ordinary households, and the Electricity L Plan is It is said that it is equivalent to the lighting electricity plan plan used in offices and shops that use much electricity.

When using au mobile phones and "au ekkin" together, up to 5% of the amount corresponding to the monthly "au ekkin" usage fee will be cashed back (charged to "au WALLET prepaid card") "au Weekly Set Discount "was also announced. "Au eclipse settlement" is 1% if the usage fee of "au ekkin" is 4999 yen, 3% if from 5000 yen to 7999 yen, 5% if it is over 8000 yen.

"Au Electric Piece Set Discount" is applicable to all "au poppy" contractors, so it is applicable from single households to large family households regardless of electricity usage, provision area, and seasonal fluctuation. Below is a table showing the electricity charges for each household member in "au ekkin", for example, if 3 persons are in household, it is 6312 yen a year profitable.

Also, "au Electric app" that can check the change in electricity rate and electricity usage per day, week, month, year in accordance with au poppy has also been announced. The application predicts the electricity usage fee of the current month from the trend of the usage situation, and if the upper limit of the electricity charge is preset in advance, it installs the function which notifies in case of exceeding.

In addition, the reception of "au echo" is scheduled to start on au shops and official website from 10:00 on January 20, 2016.

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