Apple is preparing iOS for response to ultra high speed communication "Li-Fi" by LED

From the iOS 9.1 code, it is a topic that a character string indicating the existence of Li - Fi which should not be supported at the moment was found. As of now, Li-Fi is "ultra high-speed communication technology expected to be put to practical use in the near future", but Apple seems to be proceeding with correspondence.

IOS code shows Apple experimenting with ultra fast, light-based Li-Fi wireless data for future iPhones

The trigger was Tweet user's tweet below. This is the iOS 9.1 code, but you can see that the part highlighted in blue contains the word "LiFiCapability".

"Li-Fi" is an ultra high-speed communication technology using "red LED" of three colors of red, green and blue. As of October 2013, we succeeded in data transfer at 3.5 Gbps, and in the future we can also communicate at 10 Gbps.

Ultra high-speed communication using LED light "Li-fi" enables future 10Gbps communication - GIGAZINE

Although it is not yet put into practical use at the moment but it is in the experimental stage, it is said that the company in India, Velmenni, has already started testing. It is not clear whether Apple is already doing some kind of testing on some iOS devices, but it seems that we are doing an effort to respond.

By the way, if there is a large amount of connected terminals in the same space as conventional Wi-Fi, communication interference will occur, but since Li-Fi has the advantage that it can be used without interference, it is more convenient to use than Wi-Fi It is expected that it will be done.

Could Li-Fi be the new Wi-Fi? - BBC News

BBC interviewed Professor Harald Haas, the developer of Li - Fi.

You can watch videos showing how you communicate using Li-Fi, which is crawling glittering in this video on YouTube.

LiFi: What is it? - YouTube

Places where Li - Fi is actually used are also made public.

Pure LiFi Li-Flame User Experience 1 - YouTube

The laptop used by this woman is currently in the process of Li-Fi communication.

It is said that communication with the overhead LED is being done. Like wireless communication, I can not see my eyes, but I do not know at all ... ....

It may not be a long way ago that smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, etc. become Li-Fi compatible.

Pure LiFi The Home of LiFi - pure LiFi

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