The communication speed is 10 times that of a general optical line, Google is cheap for a maximum of 500,000 households to provide super high-speed communication service

It became clear that Google offers cheaply up to 500,000 households ultra high-speed communication services realizing 1 Gbps communication speed which is about 10 times the communication line (100 Mbps) using common optical fiber.

Unfortunately the service is provided only in the US, but what is the reason for developing such a ridiculous service?

Details are as below.
Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network

According to the announcement published on the official blog, Google is going to do extensive testing of ultra high speed broadband network that realizes 1 Gbps communication speed.

This means Google will provide communication services at a competitive price to at least 50 thousand households after building a new communication line in a way that crosses the United States and ultimately expand to 500 thousand households We are also looking into it.

The reason for Google to do such a test is that it is for experiments of "a new way for all Internet users to communicate comfortably and quickly" like the wireless LAN service that Google currently conducts in some areas It has been with.

Incidentally, by using ultrahigh-speed lines, Google can learn what developers and users of applications can do, how to build a new network in cooperation with telecommunications operators around the world, cable TV It is said that it is paying particular attention to the operation of "open access network" which gives users multiple choices of providers in the United States where internet providers with integrated circuit operators and providers using CATV are popular.

In addition, we are already looking for municipalities to participate in the examination service, and we will explain the benefits of the examination service with a movie in an easy-to-understand manner with a movie.

YouTube - Google's experimental fiber network

In Japan, Kansai Electric Power Co. 'Eo optical net"Or KDDI's"Au Hikari gigae planAlthough each company provides 1 Gbps high-speed communication service including such as "It seems that circumstances seem to be somewhat different from the United States.

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