Next generation Nintendo DS and Wii successor model appeared, Nintendo to carry out large-scale presentation

A staff member of a game development company revealed that Nintendo is preparing to announce a new game machineAlthough I told you the other day, it became clear that Nintendo announces to the media that it is going to make a presentation.

Apparently the recital seems to be on a global scale, butNext Generation Nintendo DSYaSuccessor model of WiiIs there a possibility that the announcement etc will be announced?

Details are as below.
GoNintendo - Nintendo of Europe holding media summit this February

Nintendo Media Summit Coming - Wii News at IGN

According to reports of major overseas game sites "GoNintendo" and "IGN", Nintendo is going to perform in Europe in February 25, 2010. Also, Nintendo in the US announces that it will be held on February 24, and apparently it will be announced in close proximity to the world when considering the time difference.

Although the content to be announced is not clear, in the official magazine of Nintendo issued overseas in January, on March 12 "Something very specialIn addition to being disclosed that it will be released,At the earnings briefing for the third quarter of 2009 that Nintendo went on January 29, it is made clear that the latest work of "The Legend of Zelda" which will be the killer title will be announced at E3 which will be held in June To haveSo it is possible to think that it will be a big presentation on the hardware rather than soft.

Incidentally, at the end of October last year, a person named "Artik" who provided MAXCONSOLE leak information including numerous internal information to overseas game information site "MAXCONSOLE""In the third quarter of 2010, Nintendo will release the successor models of Wii simultaneously worldwide," the official announcement revealed that it will be extensively done one month before the releaseHowever, I am concerned about the relation with this announcement of the world scale.

Also, NintendoWe have ordered a large number of work such as system and technology development with Freescale Semiconductor which is collaborating in Wii business for IBM who developed the processor for WiiIt is clear in July last year.

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