The world's first Android smartphone compatible with next generation communication standard "LTE" appeared

NTT DoCoMo launched "Xi (Crossy)" service with downlink maximum of 37.5 Mbps and upload maximum of 12.5 Mbps which adopted the next generation communication standard "LTE" from December 24, last year but the world's first LTE compatible Android A smartphone appeared.

In order to realize overwhelming high-speed communication than the conventional third generation mobile phone (3G), it seems that it will be able to enjoy content with large data such as HD movies.

Details are as below.
Verizon Wireless And Samsung Mobile Announce Samsung First 4G LTE-Enabled Smartphone

According to the press release of the leading American mobile phone company "Verizon Wireless", the company developed an Android smartphone supporting the LTE service (handling of "4 th generation mobile phone (4 G)" in Verizon) which the company launched last December I heard he did.

Samsung Electronics, which developed the terminal, is equipped with a display adopting the 4.3-inch new OLED "Super AMOLED", an 8 million pixel camera with LED flash, a 1 GHz application processor, a browser compliant with HTML 5, and so on. In addition, it is said that it is possible to video chat with 1.3 megapixel front camera and LTE line.

This is LTE compatible Android smartphone. The version of Android OS is 2.2.

By the way, in the press release, it is assumed that it is a model that can only be used on the LTE network because it is not written that "it corresponds to 3G" in a single word, but unfortunately, even in Japan and overseas the area of ​​LTE Is currently overwhelmingly narrow as compared with 3G, the usage scene will be quite limited unless it is a model that supports both 3G and LTE.

Also, although it is time to introduce an LTE-compatible voice terminal in the country,NTT DoCoMo is planning to release it in the latter part of "2011 late" at the 2010 winter model and at the Spring 2011 model presentationFor this reason, I would like to expect models like both 3G and LTE to appear, like the USB connector type data communication terminal "L-02C" which was released at the same time as Xi's service started.

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