An alarm clock that does not stop unless you continue stepping out of the futon "Ruggie"

In the morning, sometimes it is painful to get out of a warm futon and get up on a day when you have to go to work or school. If you are using an ordinary alarm clock or an alarm application, it may happen that you snooze again by pushing the snooze button even though you wake up, but if you keep standing up from the futon and keep on stepping on, the alarm will not stop and you can sleep twice Alarm clock that can be prevented is "Ruggie"is.

Ruggie - The World's Best Alarm Clock by Ruggie - Kickstarter

You can easily understand what kind of terminal Ruggie should be said as "stepping on alarm clock" by seeing the following movie and so on.

Even if I awoke with an alarm tone every morning, when I slept twice with "Almost 5 minutes" "Another 10 minutes" and turning on the alarm clock snooze ......

When you notice it is also overslepting significantly.

While watching the clock glittering, it is in danger.

Moreover, it is serious if the car is crowded and you are late for the schedule.

Even breakfast necessary for activity in the morning, if you overslept you can not have enough time to eat.

Indeed, it seems that more than 33% of people use the snooze function more than three times every morning.

Is not it better not to use the snooze function? That's why the alarm clock developed to wake you up in the morning is "Ruggie". After installing it on the floor as follows and when the alarm sounds in the morning ......

Alarm stops by stepping on with both feet.

Digital watches are embedded in the upper left corner of the main body.

Using highly repulsive shape memory material, make the whole body soft and fluffy.

Jung, and just trying to get back to bed with just stepping on ... ...

The alarm sounds at a loud volume. Therefore, it is necessary to keep stepping on both feet firmly.

Actual Ruggie alarm sound can be heard in the following movie, you can see that it is ringing with a pretty loud sound.

Motivation Playback Demo - YouTube

If you can get up to it perfectly, Ruggie will talk about the morning greetings with slang mixed English such as "Have a wonderful day!"

You can also connect Ruggie to your PC and set your favorite music as an alarm tone.

Since Ruggie does not have a snooze function, it snoozes and you can get up quickly without having to lie down asleep, and it seems to motivate you for a day.

The size of Ruggie is 15.5 inches (about 39 cm) in length × 23.5 inches in width (about 60 cm) and the thickness is unknown. It has an LED display that functions as a clock and night light at the upper left corner of the main unit, and it has a touch sensor on the whole surface so it responds no matter where you step on it.

The way to change the alarm time and sound is as follows.

Time Setting Function Demo - YouTube

Open the chuck on the bottom of the main unit ......

An operation panel with five buttons comes out. From the right side, it is a MODE button to switch the display of clock and alarm, left and right button to select alarm sound, ON / OFF button of alarm, power button.

If you get up in the morning without using snooze, read news on smartphone while drinking coffee ......

Exercise ......

Going out for jogging.

If you live to 80 years old you can really spend 100 days as long as you stop snoozing every day for 5 minutes and get up on the alarm street.

Ruggie is looking for investment with Kickstarter of the cloud funding site aiming for commercialization. At $ 79 (about 9300 yen) you can get 1 Ruggie, 1 USB cable for charging and 1 ebook. Because Canadian dollar is selected for payment with Kickstarter, it is 110 Canadian dollars per car. In addition, shipping fee to Japan requires a separate shipping fee of US $ 15 (21 Canadian dollars, approximately 1800 yen).

Also, as an exclusive benefit to Kickstarter, an e-book describing five ways to comfortably spend time in the morning, explaining what athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, politicians etc. are doing every day in the daily routine I will come.

As Ruggie had set the target amount to 50,000 Canadian dollars (about 4.2 million yen), it already has collected about 150,000 CAD (approximately 12.5 million yen), and after the project at Kickstarter was completed in June 2016 It is scheduled to ship to investors in September 2016.

In addition, Ruggie's contribution deadline is 23:20 on Thursday, March 3, 2016.

Ruggie - The World's Best Alarm Clock by Ruggie - Kickstarter

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