I played a Japanese game "Prune" for a smartphone where a bonsai simulator and a puzzle became together

A game for smartphones that prunes the growing trees and growing trees with swipe and makes clean flowers bloom "Prune"is. Prune is a game that combines elements of puzzles and bonsai simulator, and Zen Taste is also involved so I tried playing with crispy.

Prune on the App Store

Prune - Android application on Google Play

You can see how you are actually playing Prune from the following movie.

I tried playing a puzzle-like bonsai simulator game "Prune" - YouTube

Since I will play Prune for Android this time, open Prune product page on Google Play and install it. In addition, although it is usually 480 yen including tax, this time, discount was applied and it was possible to purchase at 364 yen.

Tap "I agree".

After installation, tap "Open".

The game starts as soon as it starts up. Although there is no explanation about the game at all, it is OK if you get used to while playing. When I swiped up the part of the ground upwards, the tree grew up with nyokinogi.

The tree will grow with Gunggun, but the flowers will stop blooming and stop. At this time you swipe the branches and cut them ...

The tree grows thick and reaches a light gray part, the white flowers are in full bloom and the game is clear. The basic rule of Prune is to clear unnecessary branches while growing trees, and clear if a certain number of flowers bloom. Music is also Japanese style, it is fun feeling that the minimalist design is beautiful. Tap the circle icon at the bottom of the screen ......

The flowers have fallen apart.

When all the flowers are scattered, Prune's home screen will be displayed. Circular icons are aligned under the Prune logo, and the top left one is black. As this is the stage you played earlier, tap on the circle icon on the right side and try on the second stage.

With nothing on the ground, swipe down from the bottom.

The tree has grown up with nyukinyo ... ...

Growth stopped in the form like the image below. Here, swipe the branch on the left branch that is divided into two, cut it.

When cutting, the branch on the right side will grow, but in the part touched the black circle the branches withered away. Swipe the withered branches there with a swipe.

The flowers are in full bloom and the stage 2 is clear.

After clearing stage 2, stage 3 starts. Swipe down from the bottom ... ....

Swipe branches like bonsai and cut with chokichoki.

A branch reaches a light gray area and it is clear.

In stage 4, a white area appeared rather than a light gray area. When a branch reaches a white area ......

A yellow flower bloomed. It is a pleasant thing to see how flowers bloom many times.

The level of difficulty will also gradually increase as you progress the stage. For example, in stage 4, there is a black circle right above the ground, so you swipe diagonally and start.

Swipe diagonally, the tree will grow in the direction you swiped.

It cuts and cuts off the part that might hit the black circle.

Touching the blue moon appearing from stage 5 ... ...

Growth accelerates and blue flowers bloom.

...... It is Prune to play in the wind. The game system that guides trees while cutting and blooms flowers feels like mixing the bonsai simulator and puzzles. As you advance the stage, it is possible to play without getting tired as gimmicks are gradually increasing, such as harvesting multiple trees, red sun that burns trees. Since it can be advanced with crispness, it takes almost no playing time, and if it is prepared all the stages are likely to be cleared in about two hours. Also, since music and design seems to be a little New Year's, the mood is exciting when playing at beginning of the year.

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