"Super Mario Maker" added a new item such as Fire Kuopa Crown which sparks a fire which breaks the block

Game software for Wii U released on Thursday, September 10, 2015 "Super Mario MakerOn November 4Large scale updates such as addition of intermediate pointsIt is done, and fine measures such as balance adjustment and distribution of the official event course are done before and after that, but also a big update will be done on December 22 (Tuesday).

"Super Mario Maker Bookmark" that you can quickly find the course you want to play is released on December 22! New parts also added | Topics | Nintendo

Today's Super Mario Maker "Update 2nd Part" New Part "」 - YouTube

On the stage creation screen, when you shake with the round enemy "Garigari" that came out to Super Mario World ......

Transformed as "Marmaru" the first addition item.

With items like floating rings, Mario jumps and jumps and jumps high as soon as it jumps.

You can make this kind of stage, bouncing off Hibiyonbo.

Shaking warp doors ......

Newly added item Second, it turns into "P door".

A dotted line was drawn in the place where it was installed. Even if you can see the outline of the door, you can not use the door as it is.

However, when stepping on the P switch ... ...

The door reappears only during its effective time. A gimmick corresponding to the haunted house of "Super Mario World" can be reproduced.

In addition, the display "World Record" appears on the course search screen, and the player who cleared the course at the earliest time and the clear time are now displayed.

With the detail screen of the course, as well as the world record, the name of the person who cleared for the first time also comes out. There is no doubt that you will be noticed if you clear the difficult course earlier than anyone else.

I returned to the item again and started shaking the Kupa Crown this time.

Then the crown is red "Fire Kuppa Crown".

So far, the Kupa Crown is a means of traveling, and in order to attack it was necessary to ride fireball in fire mario and have to put out a fireball, but this crown is not a fire Can attack even if it rides in Super Mario. With this, you can make courses like shooting games that are not "avoidance games".

Although this enemy can defeat this fire, it can not do until the destruction of the block.

But when you shoot and shoot ... ...

So that even blocks that can not be destroyed can be destroyed.

This update is due to be held on December 22nd.

In addition, this update adds another major change.

Today's Super Mario Maker "Update 2nd Bookmark" edition - YouTube

that is"Super Mario Maker Bookmark"is.

It is not just a game update, but a portal site to access with PCs, smartphones, etc. will open and you will be able to search for courses.

The appearance of the site looks like this, there are three ways to find a course, one is a "Recommended course". This is a random and recommended course is displayed.

On the game software, you can put a star on what you thought the player is "a good course", but in "course ranking" you can see that for the course and craftsman, like the one currently seen on game software, You can see the rankings by number, and you can also see the rankings such as the number the players put in their favorites.

And "Course Search" allows you to find more courses with finer details than what you have done on software so far.

In "Game skin", filtering is based on what style the course is made of Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Brothers U, if "Course Skin", ground surface, underwater surface, boss map Filtering, and so on.

If you are logged into Nintendo Network ID when using the site, you can bookmark the course you found.

When you start the game ......

In "Search for Course", the "Bookmark" tab is newly added, and the bookmarked course is displayed on the site.

In addition, this "Super Mario Maker Bookmark" can also be used from game software. Tap the "Search" button displayed on the bookmark tab left side of the screen ... ...

The browser is activated.

You can find the course as you would if you were looking at it from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

In addition to bookmarking the courses searched here, you can play immediately as soon as you press the "play" button on the spot.

In addition, a new character mario will be added.

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By the way, "Official craftsman" and "Event course" were added in November large update, but event courses are constantly increasing, whereas official craftsmen have more courses except two I do not want to expect to add a course that reflects the contents of this December's large update.

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"Super Mario Maker Bookmark" that allows you to easily search for Super Mario Maker courses has been released. There are three types of course search methods, "recommended course", "ranking", "search for a course".

Super Mario Maker Bookmark | Recommended course

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