What are elements such as "Mario 3" that has not yet been adopted as "Super Mario Maker"?

You can make your own "Super Mario Brothers" course, or you can play a course made by a person "Super Mario Maker", You can use the four types of Mario elements" Super Mario Bros. "" Super Mario Bros. 3 "" Super Mario World "" New Super Mario Bros. U ", but even with the original software still there are still manufacturers There are elements that are not installed. I tried to find out how much it is.

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Super Mario makers are roughly divided into "making" and "playing". Make your favorite course with "Make Truck" and play "Namendo" official or other user's course with "play".

Elements that can be used in "making" look like this, there are some things that can be used besides what I can see.

Some elements are added by updating after software release. For example,In the major update of November, an intermediate point of "Super Mario World" was added, And Frog Mario was delivered as an event course clearing fee on November 27 (Friday).

Today's Super Mario Maker "Frog Mario" edited - YouTube

Frog Mario that appeared on the course.

This frog Mario is an element of "Super Mario Bros. 3" appearance. On the ground it is difficult to move a little to bounce like a frog like a frog, but it is a figure that it is possible to swim freely in the water. However, it is regrettable that manufacturers are not reproducing this underwater movement. Besides this, Mario 3 does not accept enemy attacks "Jizo Mario (Tanuki Mario)"You can throw a hammer"Hammer MarioAlthough it also appears, it has not appeared in the mario maker. Kutsumorio which transforms by robbing the shoes of Kutsuribo is installed. Even when stepping on Kutsuriba from the top, shoes will remain, making it easier to transform than Mario 3.

◆ Super Mario Brothers
It is the origin of the "Super Mario Bros." series of side scrolling action released in 1985.

First of all, manufacturers can not reproduce the movement of lift infinite boiling from the top to the bottom & from the bottom to the top of the lift that appears in the latter half of 1-2.

Super Mario Bros. 1-2 late lift - YouTube

In the 1-2 remix course, I fixed the lift up and down. In addition, what is currently possible with the manufacturer's lift is "move regularly up and down", "move regularly to the left and right", "fall for a certain time after riding", "move along the track".

Lift reproduced in a pseudo manner by "Super Mario Maker" - YouTube

Also, a narrow lift for the scaffold is established in the castle, such as 2-4, but this can not be reproduced either.

The scaffolding appearing in 2-3 is only visual, but it seems interesting.

Lifts linked with left and right appeared on 3-3 and others. Right goes up by the amount of left down. A similar gimmick appeared on "Super Mario World".

Although the jumping table is mounted, the jumping table of "Super Mario Bros." had a habit of movement.

Old specification jump table - YouTube

Also, if you are a person who creates an elaborate course, would not it be desirable to have an infinite looping mechanism if you do not go through the correct route like 4-4?

◆ Super Mario Bros. 3
"Super Mario Bros. 3" sold approximately 3.84 million books after "Super Mario Bros." as NES software.

In the case of Mario 3, map system and map items are introduced in the first place in the first place.

In the underwater course, where water bubbles are coming from the soil pipe, water flow is directed toward that direction. In "Super Mario Bros.", there is no special indication on the screen, but as with the 3 water flow, there was a place that was likely to be sucked downward by the underwater course. In Mario 3, this water current could swim without worrying about frog mario, so if it is now implemented Frog Mario it may come out additionally.

Speaking of Mario 3, there was a feature that not only a flat course but also a slope comes out.

Slope that can slide down and defeat enemy - YouTube

If this can be used, further variations of the course are likely to spread.

Slope (ice) to slide down the enemy - YouTube

Normally, the item is in the Hatena block, but the item is also contained in a hard and unbreakable block, and it was possible to take out by hitting from the side.

Block from side to side - YouTube

A white brick block that looks as if it is shining can be lifted and thrown. It is a big success with knocking down enemies and destroying blocks.

White brick block thrown - YouTube

Batteries loaded on an airship, which switch between oblique and cross directions and shoot cannonballs.

Inside there was also a type on the side of the hull.

Unlike the fire bar, around the fulcrum is safecookie.

Throwing a boomerang with hammer bros' membersBoomerang Bros"

"Throw a fireball"Fire Bros"

Momekuribo wearing a block jumps and attacks as Mario approaches.

Block Blame Momma Kriva flying when approaching - YouTube

Fire snake approaching while burning. As you can see, it can not be defeated by a fireball, but if it is a shell and a tail it can be defeated.

A tornado that will be returned to the back if you can not avoid it.

Tornado not going forward - YouTube

As we pass through the tornado, the sun comes closer to getting around. You can not defeat this fire ball or tail, but you can defeat it by hitting a shell.

The sun that chases Mario - YouTube

Switzka spits out thorns that suffer damage when hit. This guy can not be beaten with a fireball.

Huge pukubuku comes to Mario instead of getting into a drink. At the moment it is a bit disappointing that we can not make "water course" like WORLD 3 of Mario 3, but it may be implemented soon as it was a world with nine sides.

◆ Super Mario Bros. 2
The super difficulty "Super Mario Bros. 2" from 1-1 is not included in the super mario maker because it looks like a minor change of "Super Mario Brothers".

Especially famous is that Mario does not power up but takes damage "Poison mushroom". In the case of the Super Mario Maker, there are many players who hide the enemies in the Hatena Block or the normal block, so it does not seem necessary to purposely implement poisonous mushrooms.

Poisonous mushrooms receiving damage when taken - YouTube

Besides this, it is installed in the maker, including Gabon that throws thorns when it is "Mario 3", a walking dog, a walk like a candle's flame, Yoshi of each color of "Super Mario World" There are several elements that are not. We do not have to adopt all unemployed elements, but there are still a lot of elements that make the course more fun, so I really would like to ask for additional additions.

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