A movie that keeps staring at 5 hours for free for Darth Vader to burn with firewood

Norwegian program "Slow TV" which broadcasts scenery from the natural scenery and windows of the train for hours will become a fire, it will become a big topic even on the Internet and it will not be good to become one of winter traditions It reached the level of aboutFireplace Movie, Star Wars version of "Darth Vader Yule Log Five Hours"Has appeared. Darth Vader Yule Log Five Hours is supposed to be able to see Darth Vader burning for only 5 hours, not firewood.

Darth Vader Yule Log Five Hours - YouTube

The fireplace movie is just a matter of just watching firewood burning in the fireplace, but the viewing rate has exceeded 20% after 12 hours broadcasting in Norway, Netflix in the United States is a Fireplace For Your Home program in the fireplace It is becoming the classic content of winter, such as delivering every year. This time, the dozen Vader version of the movie "Star Wars" appeared in the fireplace movie.

The movie starts with the upward firewood up.

As soon as it begins, John Williams' 'Theme of the Force' is applied, and Darth Vader gradually reveals itself from a flaming flame.

Luke Skywalker looks at her father's burning with a sad expression. This is the last scene of episode 6.

To Darth Vader which burns again from Luke's up.

Even after three hours, Darth Vader continues to burn.

It is the same even after four hours.

Even after five hours, Darth Vader continued to burn without becoming ash.

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