It becomes like this when America makes a parody program that broadcasts fire burning in a fireplace and gets popular very much

Norway's public broadcaster NRK broadcasts "Slow TV"The program is popular enough to leave a recordable viewer rating in Norway, despite the slightly strange content that keeps broadcasting the scenery of nature and scenery from train all the time for just hours. When the NRK broadcasted "burning fireplace" for 12 hours, the audience rating exceeded 20% in some cases. Its popularity jumped to the United States, video streaming distribution company "Netflix"I took a picture of a fireplace that keeps burning"Fireplace For Your HomeIt is said that in the United States it is becoming a staple of Christmas, such as delivering every year. In 2013, Netflix seems to be putting more emphasis on video distribution of fireplaces than usual, and we make documentaries and grand trailers as well.

The official trailer of Fireplace For Your Home can be confirmed from the following.

Fireplace For Your Home - Official Trailer - YouTube

The trailer of Fireplace For Your Home,American Film InstituteI will explain the provision of the movie trailer and start from the familiar screen.

Matsuri 's image that is displayed with magnificent music.

The Netflix user's rating has gained 3.8 out of 5 stars and has gotten quite high praise.

A man who puts fire on fire slowly.

"When the fire burned up next time, tears came out"

"Maki will meet the fate's encounter"

"Fireplace For Your Home is the fireplace itself at your home"

"Fireplace For Your Home will warm your heart"

Finally, it was displayed as "Fireplace For Your Home" in a dramatic font.

Meanwhile, a documentary photographing the backstage of "Fireplace For Your Home" has also been released and can be confirmed from the following.

Fireplace For Your Home - Behind The Scenes - YouTube

This is the director of Fireplace For Your Home.

The manager is serious about picking.

Director who confers sound by hitting two woods.

The director who got angry with the staff 's remarks "Would it be good to work aside" ....

I threw "Maki" as if I wanted to use "Natural ashes".

"This is useless, this one is useless," from the appearance of the director who chooses Maki, the passion to fireplace for your home can be felt.

A manager overseeing the top of the wood to find the best wood.

The director hits the wood and checks the sound many times.

Let's put a lot of power into the setting of the fireplace.

Because he did not care how to arrange the staff's wood, the director himself entered the fireplace and arranged the wood.

The moment the director picked up one side, the director's movement ceased.

Burn the fragments of the seeds you picked up and check the burning condition.

I will not forget to check the sound.

I smell after the fire has broken ......

Director who raises a voice saying "Excellent!" It seems that I could meet the best sauce.

Also, a lot of movies have been parodied on burning movies posted on YouTube. AsapSCIENCE has released a scientifically expressed movie showing animation that keeps burning for one hour and can be confirmed from the following.

The YouTube Science Fireplace - YouTube

As soon as "(C6H10O5) n" is written, the match will fire with a match.

Then, chemical substances "C6H6" and "CH4" occurred, and O2 gathered from Maki.

As soon as the fire is completely on, it looks like this. This video lasts for 1 hour.

A movie that took pictures of relaxing cats in front of a fireplace is also popular on YouTube, and the number of views has exceeded 1 million times at the time of article writing.

Lil BUB's Magical Yule LOG Video - YouTube

A kitty that seems to fall asleep on a warm fireplace.

The kitten fell asleep in a few seconds.

The kittens occasionally wake up feeling something of signs, but they immediately fall asleep.

In the past, the coffee maker's coffee in the computer laboratory at the University of Cambridge delivered the remaining amount image of the coffee "The world's most famous coffee potThere has also been a trend, and it seems that there has been demand for images of the slow-motion TV genre from long ago. Also in Japan, the program of the same genre as slow TV is BS 12 ch "TwellV"of"relax timeIt is broadcasted on a channel called "You can watch for free."

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