Yandere Simulator (Yandere Simulator), a game to become a young girl and threaten and kill rivals for love

Expressing a strong affection for someone while being mentally illYandere"The theme of the game under development is"Yandere Simulator (Yandere simulator)"is. In the state of California, USAYandereDevI am creating it, but it is becoming a tremendous game of rolling in the end, saying "There is only Yandere ...... Yang".

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It is possible to see play movie of Yandere Simulator from the following movie. Since there is description of bloodshed, please be careful for those who are not good at it.

How To Get Away With Murder In Yandere Simulator - YouTube

One day, hero Yandere is witnessing a place where my favorite senior is talking to a girl I do not know.

There are a lot of options for Yandere, such as "Stalking until girls find another person they like," and "Shed bad rumors until girls are not in love". In this movie, we will proceed with the option "Yandere kills girls".

Did you discover something, Yandere running out with Tatatta?

I found out the knife.

Hold the knife and rush to the girl ... ...

I stab a girl ... ... but another girl witnessed the scene.

A girl who witnesses the murder scene and runs away.

Yandere also chases after. There are also kinds of eyewitness personality and responses seems to be different, but the girl who became a witness this time seemed to be a cowardly type.

The girl jumped out of the school gate and went to call the police.

From this time on, at the bottom left of the screen you will see the time until the police come to school.

When a police came, if there is a corpse or blood stain, Yandere is caught, so we start off with evidence hiding.

When pulling the corpse, pull it ... ...

I throw it into an incinerator. In addition, there are multiple ways to hide evidence in the finished game, and it is said that it is possible to choose.

In addition, we use water & mops to erase blood stains.

I am spending blood stains ......

The mop becomes full of blood and you can not clean blood stains.

In such a case, I returned to the place where the bucket was again and washed.

I will return to where there is a blood stain where I became beautiful.

If you do not know where the blood stains are, you can use "Yandere vision" function OK. You will be able to see at a glance where the school has blood stains.

So I returned to the place with blood stains and resumed cleaning.

Be careful as there are footprints of blood left.

When the work is completed, the item at the top of the checklist at the bottom left of the screen changed from red to green. If you can clean the blood stains on the ground, you need to manage a uniform bloody uniform this time.

In the final version of the game, it seems that it will become possible to change the uniform by "taking away the uniform from other students in the shower", but in this time a new uniform was put on the ground.

Also, originally looking for equipment rooms and changing clothes, this time on a new uniform on the spot.

Bloody uniforms ......

Discard in an incinerator.

This time the processing of the knife used for the crime.

Discard this in the incinerator as well.

Black smoke came out of the incinerator. You can destroy evidence with this.

Once the incinerator starts to move, the incinerator can not be used for about an hour in the game, about 5 minutes in real time. So, if you kill other students within this time you will not be able to destroy evidence.

After this, the school is placed under the control of the police and the students are confined in the classroom for safety because "there is a murderer." At this time, players will not be able to control Yandere 's actions. Yundere is suspected of being a murderer by a police officer, but the police will not take action because it is destroying all the evidence. When the police investigation is over, the students are returned to the house and the first day is over.

When Monday of 4th April which is the first day is over, the scene shifts next Wednesday the 5th.

Yandere goes to school as usual.

Because the knife is falling in the same place as the first day, pick it up.

The witness girl was also attending school. The behavior of the witness's next day also varies from person to person. If it was a cowardly type, he tried to escape from Yandere, and if he was of a type with strong sense of justice he would try to stalk and hand it over to the police. Also, if it was a social type, it seems that you rumor that Yandere is the perpetrator. In that case, the reputation of Yandere becomes bad day by day.

YandereDev says "To kill witnesses is the best" in order not to make Yandere a bad position.

Dash to places where uncleanable uniforms are again.

Then, what will happen if you leave a corpse with corpse or blood on it? So, YandereDev explains.

The school closes at 7 o'clock in the evening, so the teachers wander around the school and ask the students, "The school will close again, please come home." At that time, if you find a bloody uniform or a knife, the police will be called. The rest is the same as when the police came on the first day, the police closed the school, the students were locked in the classrooms, the investigation started. When the police discovered the evidence of homicide, he quickly suspected Yandere, and Yandere was arrested. This is the game over.

"HEART BROKEN" (Lost love) "is displayed on the screen large letters, I feel like broken hearts is not where, but the game is over.

In addition, the game is not yet completed, and in the movie the hair style of Yandere was a ponytail ... ...

There is also the possibility of becoming a twin tail.

He also said that there is a possibility of becoming a hairstyle like a lady.

Although the demo version can be downloaded from the following web page, when I actually downloaded it, the game crashed at the moment when I pressed the start button, it was impossible to proceed to the play screen. According to the explanation of the demo version, it is still completed only up to 6% of the total, and many tools are incomplete, and the demo version is released for debugging.

Yandere Simulator - Download

Mr. YandereDev was originally a programmer, but a person who said that he quit the company in order to focus on Yandere Simulator development. Currently we are seeking investment for game development, and it is possible to invest from the following web page from 1 dollar a month (about 120 yen).

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Incidentally,Blog FAQAccording to the meaning of "Yandere" is "a girl who threatens, hurts, or kills a girl who likes a favorite person too much, because his thoughts on a favorite person are too strong", "What the Yandere Simulator is Is it a game? "Was answered as" It is similar to the series of hits ".

◆ December 17, 2015 12: 26 postscript:
The Yandere Simulator uploads the movie of development content every two weeks, but a movie for December 15th was newly uploaded.

December 15th Progress Update - YouTube

Yandere entering the place where the school's garden looks.

There is something like a hut.

We go further into the cabin ... ...

It seems that they are coloring items to be weapons.

When taking a picture of the room with a smartphone camera ......

I found Electric Maru 's sauce.

"WelcomeMartial ArtsTo the club! Why did you come to this club? And the scene where Yandere enters into judo club activity is also. It might be to join in order to defeat the rival of love.

For love, Yandere who trains her body hard.

Next, the scene of the school gate was projected.

"Do not talk to me, you know that you are a murderer, I will tell everyone," a boy declaring to Yandere. It seems like a witness of a type with a strong sense of justice.

Moreover, a figure of a girl who speaks meaningfully, saying "You do not understand me? I know you, you know who you are" through the screen of the computer.

Many things that seems to be Yandere's designs also appear.

Message from the author from here. It seems like a mountainous e-mail comes up to YandereDev everyday, but "The smaller the number of e-mails, the faster your work is."

"Do not send a crash log" "Do not send a message with the content" Please translate "" Do not send suggestions on games "" Do not ask questions already written in FAQ " Do not take contact with the contents that "the game does not move on the PC"List without sending such mail"Has been written and emphasized that movies should not send mails with the above contents.

Finally, the figure of Yandere who passes with the girl at the school gate will be displayed.

When you pass each other ...

Yandere is a transformation.

There seems to be a course that defeats competitors with super power-like things.

In addition, other images on Yandere Simulator are on YouTubeYandere Dev channelYou can see with.

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