Developers publish demo images of PC version "Super Mario Bros. 3"

"Super Mario Bros. 3" is an action game released by Nintendo in 1988. The number sold in Japan is 3.84 million books after the "Super Mario Brothers" of 6.80 million as NES for Nintendo, about 18 million worldwide It is a big hit title called a book. A remake version is recorded in "Super Mario Collection" for Super Nintendo Entertainment and "Super Mario Advance 4" for Game Boy Advance respectively, and since 2007 the original version has been delivered via Virtual Console for Wii.

Actually, aside from these, ported versions for PCs have been created, and related developers have released demo video.

Super Mario Bros. 3 Demo (1990) on Vimeo

title screen. At the bottom there is a notation "Ideas From the Deep" because the transplant was done not by Nintendo but by programmer John Carmack.

Since it is a PC ported version, the contents of slightly different graphics are almost the same.

Stage 1 of World 1 has been almost completely reproduced. However, there is no BGM, SE is also different from the original.

The placement of the background is somewhat different here.

Tree leaf graphics that can transform into Tail Mario make it just like a dead leaf.

Because it is a demonstration to the last, it seems possible to fly without having to accumulate the power meter, Mario jumping up avoiding the clattering.

The picture of the card turning in the slot block is slightly different.

There seems to be a PC version, there is a menu as to whether or not to end the game.

F2 key is the control panel, F3 key is game reset, F9 key is paused, F10 key & ESC key is finished. Mario moves with the left and right of the cursor key, the default setting is Ctrl key for jump and Alt key for dash. It is opposite to the Famicom that the left hand handles the four - way key, the right hand is responsible for jumping and dashing.

Audio can switch between headphones and speakers. The operation is not connected in this environment besides keyboard and mouse, but it seems that you can also use game pad.

From stage 2 onwards, it is not transplanted. "LIKE" in the background ... ...

Message "IT?"

I feel like I made original arrangement in the first half.

It is a demo so it is flying around freely, but there are many Hatena Blocks installed in a position that you can not hit from the bottom if you are playing normally.

Taking off coins.

Mario 3's slot block was decided at the right end of the stage, but this stage is an irregular arrangement that it is on the upper left.

"3" on the stage 3. In the original version, coins in the clay pipe were arranged in this shape.

And to the fort ... ....

The inside of the fort is considerably arranged.

However, there was no boom in the last, and the slot block was installed like the usual map.

I cleared the fort but the door at the bottom right of the starting point remained.

World 1 stage 5 is also original. It seems premised that flying in Tail Mario ... ...

It is probably impossible to take all the side by side coins with normal play flight.

Stage 6. Less of scaffolding which can not be thought of as World 1.

Moreover, it did not become a battle even if it overlapped with the hammer broth on the world map.

Finally to the castle.

Mistakes coming up so far, stepping on fluttering patapa.

Finally I got hit.

Until now I have been able to fly freely, even if fewer footholds have been cleared, but the end has fallen from the footing and finished.

Mr. Carmack who transplanted tried the PC version at Nintendo, but was refused, along with John Romero who was a colleague of Softdisk at that time, the original game based on this PC version Mario 3 "Commander · Ken (Commander Keen) "made and released. Commander Keen became a big hit game that sold more than $ 150,000 (about 20 million yen at that rate), and independently established id Software with Romero et al.

2015 is the year of commemoration of 25 years since this "Commander Keane" was released. Mr. Dave Allen, who was making a special video, told him that the PC version of Mario 3, which became the basis of Commander Keen, had only two screen shots and called for a picture, Mr. Romero It came over and gave me the video on the Vimeo.

Mr. Allen's 25th anniversary commemorative picture of Commander Keen is Kore.

Commander Keen 25th Anniversary Special - Ludi Antiqui (subtítulos vendrán luego) - YouTube

By the way, id Software is a game maker known for FPS such as "DOOM" "Quake", Mr. Carmack is known as FPS father. Mr. Romero was also involved in development, but at the time of Quake development there was a conflict with staff, leaving after soft release. Currently it is continuing to develop mobile games and social games.

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