A drone appeared like a "flying submarine" that can jump out of the water from the water with waterproofness

Rutgers University developed an excellent drone for maneuvering not only in the air but also in the water. It seems that the US Naval Research Office is paying attention to its usefulness and providing budget.

Navy Funds Rutgers to Develop Drone Equally Adept at Flying and Swimming | Media Relations

This Waterproof Quadcopter Is Also a Submarine

You can watch movies on YouTube and see what kind of movement they actually do.

SubUAS "Naviator" Maneuver Test - YouTube

Drone flew away from the poolside

I wonder if he will fly above the pool ......

Hovering over the pool.

As it is with Zuzu and underwater ... ...

It went down.

Was it sunk by a mistake in steering? Do not worry about it, the rotor keeps turning even underwater.

It is different from the figure I was imagining, but I am moving to diving.

It does not go as fast as Swiss fly through the air, but slowly advances.

Eventually, the levitation began with the aircraft facing horizontally.

The surface of the water is like a mirror, and the figure of the drone is reflecting.

It is combined with the figure of the mirror matching.

To the water.

Furthermore, it jumped as it was.

Safely, I returned to the pool side.

Originally Professor Xavier Deitsz of machine and aerospace engineering was drafting a concept with students and graduates and was demonstrating to the staff of the Navy research office that this drone showed a demo for a new model development It seems that he budgeted.

As a purpose of drone, it is supposed to investigate missing swimmers, sailors, shipwreck surroundings and so on, and to find out how much heavy oil spill has spread when a tanker grounding accident occurs It is thought to be useful for.

On the other hand, as a navy, it seems that the means for avoiding mines and usual to use it in diving condition, suddenly floating, collecting the surrounding enemies, and assuming the purpose of reconnaissance to diving again Professor.

For now, the radio waves do not fly well until underwater, so the drone body is connected by wires, and a method using a sound wave pulse instead of a radio wave is considered when operating the radio. In the summer of next year, it is said that there is plans to improve not only the pool but also sea water that can diving, so it is considered that equipment such as camera and sonar will be provided by the navy at the time of this version upgrade.

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