Sea Hunter against anti-submarine unmanned submarine capable of unmanned autonomous navigation for several months to detect submarines

DARPA(United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Bureau) advanced anti-submarine unmanned ships "Sea Hunter"Navigation experiments have been started. This ship, which has a very long shape, is capable of sailing several months and several thousand kilometers while keeping the crew zero and can operate as a robotic ship capable of continuously detecting submarines hiding in the sea It is aimed at.

DARPA's Self-Driving Submarine Hunter Steers Like a Human - IEEE Spectrum

U.S. military christens self-driving 'Sea Hunter' warship | Reuters

Sea Hunter is a ship with an elongated hull like a canoe. There is a compartment like a cockpit, but basically it is a unmanned submarine unmanned aerial cruiser (ACTUV:ANti-Submarine WarfareCOntinuousTRailUNmannedVWe are aiming to operate as ehicle).

Looking from the sky, you can see the appearance of Sea Hunter 's slenderness and the pair of outriggers on the left and right. This is probably what is wearing to eliminate instability of the hull coming from the elongated shape.

Sea Hunter is 40 meters long. Power is generated using two diesel engines, and the propeller is rotated by a motorDiesel Electric SystemHas been adopted.

It is a hull that seems to be small size, but it is about this size when people actually ride.

The fastest test is being conducted in February 2016, marking the highest speed 27 knots (about 50 km / h).

The US military and DARPA are developing this ship as one of the measures against the reinforcement of naval forces proceeded in China and Russia. In other words, it is a ship aimed at hiding a submerged person in the sea secretly to detect a submarine invading the territorial waters of the United States, the ability to do unmanned voyage unmanned and unmanned for several months will be a great advantage in national defense It is considered.

Actually Sea Hunter can see through the following movies how it travels at full speed.

ACTUV Speed ​​and Maneuverability Tests - YouTube

Also, a movie shot with a time lapse showing how to make this experiment ship was released. In the first half, you can see that this ship is made of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) because it contains the process of gluing the sheet to a huge formwork and impregnating the resin.

ACTUV Construction Timelapse and Walkthrough - YouTube

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