Headline news on April 11, 2016

Handy scanner equipped with liquid crystal color display from Sanwa Direct "400-SCN 032"Has appeared.

Since it is a handy type, you can also scan photos attached to the wall.

Images scanned up to 900 dpi can be saved on the microSD card and can be transferred to Android smartphones as well as PC.

Since the size is 257 mm in length × 36 mm in width × 24 mm in thickness and weighs 158 g, it is possible to carry it in a bag and carry it.

"400-SCN 032" is on sale at 8900 yen (tax included · free shipping) at Sanwa Direct.

Handy scanner (A4 · self-catering compliant · OCR compatible · color display loaded · up to 900 dpi compatible) 400-SCN 032 sale items Sanwa Direct

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Is it possible to mature high-quality whiskey in a short time with the power of science? - GIGAZINE

I tried to make various sandwiches of the recipe "Really savable sandwiches making 100" that the power hidden in the sandwich wakes up - GIGAZINE

All 131 kinds of cherry blossoms bloomed in Osaka Mint Bureau "Cherry Blossoms Pass through" - GIGAZINE

Dubai police adopt Lamborghini · Aventador of 1 million units as a police car - GIGAZINE

DARPA develops ultra-small chip realizing navigation without GPS - GIGAZINE

How to handmade sound absorbing materials with cardboard and make your own soundproof room cheaply & Effectiveness demonstration video - GIGAZINE

Free application to detect radiation with smash camera "GammaPix Lite" - GIGAZINE

Several buildings with a height of over 1000 m continue one after another, the Middle Eastern hyper-building plan beyond "Burj Khalifa" Various - GIGAZINE

Test that understands whether you are a beautiful person of your heart or a desperate person - GIGAZINE

◆ Story (memo · various others)

"Pureness is being tried" as a topic that giant Puregumi that appeared at Shinjuku station is obscene - BIGLOBE News

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Genetic manipulation of human fertilized eggs, the Chinese team published the second example The Asahi Shimbun Digital

Is it permissible to use "placebo" for patients in the clinical setting: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Nonetheless, "using placebo" can be said to "cheat patients."

If it is a clinical trial, it can be explained beforehand that it may be sorted out to the placebo group, and you can obtain consent, but you can also explain that "This is a fake medicine" in a practical clinic No. Even if you explain it from time to time, you probably will not get a placebo effect sufficiently.

On the other hand, if you use placebo without explaining enough to the patient and the patient knows about that later, the relationship of trust can be broken.

The mathematical excellence rate of male and female second year junior high school is low in Japan, but mathematical average point is high negatively correlated with Japan in Dantotsu. What does this mean? - Togetter Summary

About 2 million years ago, a supernova explosion near the earth | National Geographic Japan version site

Japan's first record of the Antarctic Expedition Recovery with the latest digital technology | NHK News

Looking for Nigeria 's final lion', 9 possibilities of extinction International news: AFPBB News

Holding a surprising dinosaur exhibition, no longer a bird exhibition, in the US NY | National Geographic Japan version site

Kepler Space Telescope is in "Emergency Mode". Troubles over 120 million kilometers ahead? | Sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

Space X's "Dragon Spaceship", docking successfully to the splendid ISS! | Sorae.jp: Portal site to the universe (Sora)

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Adopted 'Hiroshima Declaration' to nuclear-free world G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting closed 2 photos International News: AFPBB News

Hope of the Icelandic people who are furious with the Panama document? What is the Iceland Pirate Party | World | Latest Articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Oita · 4 children burned to death: imprisonment by the father's first ocean owner imprisonment 4 years June prison sentence - Mainichi Newspaper

Colliding at the traffic light, car 9.7 million yen Suspected six people arrested: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Otsuka Furniture Judgment: Father's Katsuhisa side suits over debt redemption - Mainichi Newspaper

Two-year arrest arrested on suspicion of robbing an 81-year-old male in the park and taking two thousand yen: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Oyaji hunt" arrested by 7 elderly people and 2 boys in 1 hour

Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi: Collision of cars in the headquarters - arrested a man "driving erroneously" - Mainichi Newspaper

According to the prefectural police Awaji station, a man in his 50s living in Kagawa prefecture talks "I mistook driving." It seems that he is not a gang member and he is investigating detailed situation.

"Cannonball" in the residential area or garbage collector found | Nittele NEWS 24

A senior North Korean military official in Korea executive in the reconnaissance general manager

United States confused under the "President of Trump" ... One piece of criticism criticizing US paper with an imaginary article International News: AFPBB News

CNN.co.jp: "Trump mask" big selling, factory full operation in Mexico - (1/2)

Video: "Panama document" protest demonstration, ATM paint covered with Buddha Paris photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Beldija, a photograph that apologizes for false reports of "Panama document" allegations 1 international news: AFPBB News

New Papal guidelines, constant understanding of divorce Still intolerant photo of homosexuality 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Culture Minister's resignation "Slap" to reporters, Portugal 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Mr. Sanders wins victory at the Wyoming state party party, one US presidential photo 1 International International News: AFPBB News

Mr. Trump 'nude painting', exhibited in English 2 publicly banned photos in the United States International News: AFPBB News

Whether Kim Jong-Ie 'secret funds' is revealed more or less | DailyNK Japan (Daily NK Japan)

Characters of "HELP" on palm leaves, 4 people rescuing 3 people rescued on uninhabited islands International News: AFPBB News

US President Obama: "After the Summit, considering visiting Hiroshima" Coverage - Mainichi Newspapers

CNN.co.jp: breaking window glass with fake phone, serious damage by fast food store

Fujimori's eldest daughter leads to = June finale vote - Peruvian presidential election: current affairs dot com

The world's highest "Burj Khalifa" over 6 buildings to build in Dubai, the international news: AFPBB News

The day when the Chinese no longer bomb explosion ... the way of the Chinese version "Structural Reform": The Reading Channel: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/3

Fun and Subaru's surprising "blind spot": deep read channel: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/3

Gyoza purchase top 2 Shikoku city Do you eat silently without PR? : Asahi Shimbun Digital

Both Utsunomiya and Hamamatsu cities competing for the top ranking by municipalities competed in the 1st and 2nd place, and Kyoto city originated from the Chinese cuisine "Dumplings of the Dumplings" was ranked third in five consecutive years. This time, Miyazaki city, fifth place in the year before last, passed Kyoto city (2542 yen).

Hiroyuki Takashima, Executive Managing Director of Miyazaki City Tourist Association, said, "It is surprisingly that it will be third in the whole country. He has never publicized gyoza in brochures and association's website.

A person in charge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "I do not know the definite cause" about the breakthrough in Miyazaki. A spokeswoman for Max Valle Kyushu (Fukuoka city), which has 9 supermarket stores in the city, said, "I have never heard of the popularity of gyoza as it is in other areas, especially in Miyazaki city."

Innocent sin, science clears up "Innocence Project": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Activities of "Innocence Project (IP)" in which attorneys and scholars investigate cases suspected of false charges free of charge in order to save those who were not remembered for themselves in April, Ritsumeikan University Kyoto city) based on the base. Japan's first effort to take scientific appraisal of evidence and rework confessions and testimony at the private level. Birthplace · In the United States there are many achievements, aiming at realization of criminal justice without false charges.

Reason why Mr. Shinkai does not get caught even by a US company

Website manager is Japan corporation Amazon, exceptional response - Kyodo News 47 NEWS

The Asahi Shimbun, who has "padded" the circulating circulation, shake! Kimono female finally entered the industry 'biggest taboo' | Wisdom of the wise | Modern business [Kodansha]

The Asahi Shimbun company is swaying within the company as a medium-term management plan that includes substantial wage cuts this year, but further "challenges" emerged coming here.

As of the end of March, Asahi Shimbun actually received "attention" from the Fair Trade Commission, surrounding the "push paper" that the newspaper headquarters bought extra newspapers at dealerships.

Push paper has been practiced for many years in the newspaper industry despite being clearly banned by the special designation of the Antimonopoly Act. It is unusual for the Fair Trade Commission to step on the push paper problem called the "biggest taboo" in the newspaper industry, so what kind of sales policy will the Asahi Shimbun company carry out in the future as a precedent in the industry It deserves.

Relaxation to the truck "maximum 25 m" ... transportation for 2 vehicles: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Accident after drinking, suspicion of escape Arrested Doshisha University professor Kyoto: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Point giving also to cash payment ... Ion is a new service: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Aeon announced on 9th that it will start a new common point service "WAON POINT (won point)" in June.

Points will be accumulated when paying cash at shops of group companies such as "Aeon" and "Daiei". Until now, only payment by e-money "WAON (Won)", etc. had a point. We will also gradually expand to stores of affiliated companies outside the group.

Painful news (No ∀ `):" Nursery school will not come! Living here quietly because you want to live quietly "Improvement in treatment Not understanding more serious society, harassment from the elderly - Livedoor blog

Weekday morning super public bath wwwwwwwwww | 2 Channels Conclusion Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

To special discount for vehicles that have been replaced with expressways, "ETC 2.0": IT bulletin

People who are happy and get unemployed as they raise the minimum wage. : Hiroyuki @ Open SNS

"Black Shinkansen" Revealed "The world's fastest art appreciation" possible JR East Japan | Riding News

B · Springsteen protests against anti sexual minority law and stops live stop photograph 1 international news: AFPBB News

Weight management trouble canceled Why? Aircraft severe in weight If a warrior organization came | news of riding

MOL Logistics Mitsui announces the design of next generation car ship ... debut in 2017 | Response (Response.jp)

Bicycles will spread in Tokyo in another five years ... Bicycle Kingdom Holland Ambassador | Response (Response.jp)

What is necessary for bicycle movement is not only roads "Bicycle" model of parking seen in London - cyclist

2nd generation "Dumborgini" Appearance "Lamborghini" Level up by looking at actual vehicle | News on riding

Original boltlet "Asakaze" sleeping couch, open the interior of the railway railway museum | Riding news

Northern afforestation project fails | DailyNK Japan (Daily NK Japan)

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Amazon.co.jp: Amazon purchase service application completion reception

With regard to Amazon purchase service, we will terminate acceptance of purchase application for all products around 0 pm on April 8, 2016.
* Depending on the product, the acceptance deadline time for purchase application differs. Please note.

· Please confirm from the "View purchase history" of the account service about the situation of the item applied for purchase before the deadline of acceptance of purchase application.
· For products that arrived at the Amazon Purchase Service Center by April 14, 2016, we will make an appraisal as soon as we arrive, and we will pay the fee for those that have been purchased.
· All items that arrived at the Amazon purchase service center after April 15, 2016 will be returned.
· Those items that were not successfully purchased will be returned to you on or after April 15, 2016.

Why nonsense is learning programming to succeed in the future: Reading Channel: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/4

LINE '1 billion people' virtual image slows down, galapagos approaching: Nikkei newspaper

ETC 2.0, problems I found Tested experts sympathy | news of riding

It is still over a month since I started using it, but the result was as expected.

One of the functions of "ETC 2.0" is Internet connection at "ITS Spot" installed at SA of highway and road station. If you stop the car in a given parking space, it is said that it will be possible to provide regional tourist information through "ETC 2.0".

I tried actually connecting at Tominori 's Ashigara SA ramp (Shizuoka prefecture Gotemba city), it was a substitute that passed the regret. In the connected "ITS spot portal site", there were lots of inefficient usability sites that the officials made. There are also external sites in part, but since you can not connect to sites other than the portal site, the information you get is extremely limited. Using smartphones makes it much easier to get this thousands of times more information.

It is inconceivable inconvenience such as not being able to obtain information unless it stops at a predetermined position of SA (as much as 2 ashovers in large ashigara SA).

Regarding the wide area traffic information, it is said that VICS has been able to select only about 200 km worth of information for about 1000 km, and it will be able to select the optimum route smarterly, but for the past month I Never heard of traffic jam avoidance route from "ETC 2.0" compliant navigation.

The "Google map" navigation function (free) of the smartphone open at the same time for comparison often presents surprising traffic jam avoidance route frequently. There are not many cases where the route width is too narrow to abandon, but the ability difference of he is unmeasurable level. "Google Maps" does not use VICS information, it seems that we are always looking for the fastest route by using the GPS location information sent from smartphone to locate the traffic jam, but analyze big data with artificial intelligence The power of Google, I am afraid.

"Strongest fighter" F-15, 40th anniversary of actual deployment Still hit by air battle still zero | news of riding

Regular gasoline, "the highest" feeling "130 yen or more" is the most frequent | news of riding

Ishikari Data Center Building 3 Building Report No. 1 - Sakura Knowledge

LINE Bot is i mode in 2016. FinTech and artificial intelligence have not come to many people yet. : Murakami Fukuyuki's "Net and Keitai and I": Alternative Blog

Alpha Go is not reading a lot of hands, but intensely intuition. What was the meaning of Google's artificial intelligence and the first match of the human century? | Takumi Ohashi / Kazunari Yamamoto | cakes (キ ッ ク ス)

Demonstration experiment of drone courier delivery Start a wine bottle to start Landing: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A guy who is slandering slander in the Amazon review and is likely to be asked for damages www | 2 chan thread summary blog - alfalfa mosaic

Use Google Developers Japan: Udacity to become a highly productive web developer

Began availability of new video inventory "First View" | Twitter Blogs

First View (First View) is a video advertisement displayed at the top of the timeline when users log in to Twitter for the first time on that day. Provision started from today.

Ingress update chronology | charingress.tokyo

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

Editor's copywriting technique who monopolized 10% of the market alone | Strongest work technique to make happiness? Kazuma Miki × Sadaaki Kato Interview | Miki Kazuma | cakes

【With animation】 Batted with Get Wild w: Nikkan Yakiniku Bulletin

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology thought the bullying prevention strategy is too genius Wowrota wwww | 2 chan thread summary blog - alfalfa mosaic

Super minipla commercialization wish questionnaire implementation & new work information! It is! - Bandai Candy Staff BLOG

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
Elbow fracture during pitching of Braves' right arm "Earthquake is safe ..." - Sponichi Annex baseball

What J PRIDE: El Dread daughter, primary school life in Japan from today

"Do not use the word technique" From the Netherlands, the trend of redefining football. - Overseas Football - Number Web - Number

The redefinition of football terminology is a simple work at first glance, but it is a very important task to eliminate ambiguity. For example, Tamboul thought that the word "technique" should be excluded. Even saying "there is no technique" is because I do not know exactly what it meant.

"In KNVB I ceased to use the word technique and unified it with the term" action of football. "Although it may not be used at first at first, I will be able to analyze soccer very objectively."

【Best Goal Nomination】 Caio (Kashima) "2016 J1 League 1st Section 6" - YouTube

【Best Goal Nomination】 Usami Takashi (G Osaka) "2016 J1 League 1st Section 6" - YouTube

Kawasaki Frontale FW Okubo Yoshito recorded 159 goals in total J1 Exceeded Sato Hisato in the past alone Top: Domestica blog

【Best Goal Nomination】 Okubo Yoshito (Kawasaki F) "2016 J1 League 1st Section 6" - YouTube

【Best Goal Nomination】 Iba (Yokohama FC) "2016 J2 League Section 7" - YouTube

【Best Goal Nomination】 Baba Kenji (Sanuki) "2016 J2 League Section 7" - YouTube

【Best Goal Nomination】 Yamamura Kazuya (C Osaka) "2016 J2 League Section 7" - YouTube

This is "Derby man"! Kagawa is a vivid loop and the fourth goal of the Rule Derby total | Gexaca [Kodansha]

【Schalke x Dortmund match result】 Kagawa Shinji, 2-2 draws to decide the 7th goal's first goal this season! It is! [All goal movies available]

Leicester Lanier, Ranieri's first tear-up in the history of club tears floating | Gexaca [Kodansha]

Okazaki starter Leicester and Birdie win 2nd goal to Sunderland! Tottenham and provisional points 10 points Premier Section 33: footballnet [Football summary]

171: Mr. Nanashi @ I am sorry. @ ((O) / 2016/04/10 (sun) 23: 29: 13.34 ID: NopO8wEm0.net
Win points good chances
1 Leicester 72 26 ○
2 Tottenham. 62 32 Not yet
3 Arsenal 59 22 △ >>>>> 1 match undigested
4 Man C. 57 25 ○ >>>>> 1 match undigested
--------- CL ---------
5 Man U. 53 12 Not yet >>>>> 1 game undigested
--------- EL ----------
6 West Ham. 52 12 △ >>>>> 1 match undigested
7 Thousand Tong 50 10 ○
8 Stoke City 47 -3 Not yet
9 Liverpool 45 5 Not yet >> 2 games undigested

One question at the Intel Chief Interview "I forgot the Japanese" "The comfort of Nelloroslón is very good": footballnet [Football summary]

Live! Conferenza stampa Mancini prima di Frosinone-Inter 08.04.2016 11: 00 CEST - YouTube

◆ Asia ◆ 7000 vs. 970,000 people, the secret that Chinese football can not overcome Japan by Chinese media

8: Mr. Nanashi @ I am sorry. @ ((O) / 2016/04/10 (sun) 23: 25: 04.37 ID: 4hiruwDa0.net
Chinese are not interested in football just

11: Mr. Nanashi @ I am sorry @ ((o) / 2016/04/10 (sun) 23: 30: 04.44 ID: cdyWkHU + 0.net
& Gt; 8
No, I'm curious
I just think football is not going to do it but watching it w

20: Mr. Nanashi @ I'm sorry I have a problem with @ \ (^ o ^) / 2016/04/10 (Sunday) 23: 37: 37.11 ID: t / afKp5w0.net
& Gt; 8
After all it is a dictatorship country so it will change depending on the taste of the authority of time
But now is crazy to use gold in football in order to make up to because 習近 Xiaoping favorite soccer
I will change again depending on what the next chairman likes

◆ J League ◆ 興 梠 "Top hitter"? Is it? Is it? Topic is that sports new easy-to-use baseball term application is too easy!

Matsuyama 7th place Top 2 Top 10 Major First V Vacancies "Close and Distant" - Sponichi Annex Sponichi Annex Golf

Grinning voice at the end ... Hideki Matsuyama 7th place "Very myself by myself" [US men's PGA] | GDO Golf Digest Online

"There was a chance to catch up." Hideo Matsuyama regrets a mistake in a game (No.42666) | Tour news | Tour information | Golf portal site ALBA.Net | GOLF information

Disposition announced on NTT East Japan illegal casino issue | NTV NEWS 24

Swimming: Kitajima Competitive life in sports casters "no regrets" in competition life - Mainichi Newspaper

Story: Funaki Waki, reason to keep flying (part 1) Jump life, mid way - Mainichi Newspaper

Manny Pacquiao 's "Hero of Asia" that was strong and attractive to the end showed excitement and impression in the retirement match - Sports Navi

Injo Shinsuke injured four needle sewing from the back of the head - Wrestling: Nikkan Sports

"Week pro" Listen to Editor Sato 2015 "Popularity of service-minded organizations has increased" - Sports Navi

Rotor fluid pressure control component "Uno" to a long-awaited commercialization Topics | Cycle Sports .jp

Besides that, hydraulic pressure control of the brake, not only the front and rear derailleurs are controlled by hydraulic pressure instead of wire, it is a unique product unparalleled, so one more step ahead of the disc brake road era which will soon come to full swing There is a possibility that it can become a going component. The basic composition follows the front double, rear 11 speed and the components for the current road bike.

Contador is the fourth overall victory at UCI World Tour's Basque news News | Cycle Sports.

Conta Doll of winning the Basque club one day, deciding to continue active work next season Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

Sebastian Vettel "F1 should return to naturally aspirated engine" 【F1-Gate.com】

Jack Villeneuve "F1 driver should close his mouth": F1 communication

Marquez wins fourth consecutive race in the US, Rossi ends up falling retired 6 photos International News: AFPBB News

Tokyo Olympic Emblem Also suspicious? Advance work of less than the next point among the final candidate 4 works: Sports report

Mr. Asaba, Former Emblem Review Committee, Final Candidate Bassary "Mr. Sano was better": Sports Bulletin

Established around the late Kamekura Yusaku and others who left numerous masterpieces such as the Tokyo Olympic Games poster of 1964, the nationwide organization of the only graphic designer in Japan with approximately 3,000 members JAGDA. Mr. Asaka who is the top leader opened a heavy mouth. "Why did you choose such a work? 4 low-level designs as a design, I think that Mr. Sano's work was much better"

Mr. Asaba and the Olympic emblem have a shallow relationship. Mr. Asaba was one of the judging panel of the previous emblem selection which adopted the plan produced by Mr. Sano. However, immediately after the announcement in July last year the plagiarism raised, Mr. Sano's work was forced to withdraw after two months. Mr. Asaba said, "The original draft of Sano symbolized Tokyo in the form of" T "I liked it at a glance with a good balance, but it was not good to make a major correction," he said.

Mr. Sano "The work has decreased to one-third" ... Reveal at the party on the 7th: sports warning

032 1 to 3 composition - 'A plan' VS 'draft BCD' | HIRANO KEIKO'S OFFICIAL BLOG

Four finalists of the Olympic emblem were announced on April 8, 2016. Looking at the appearance of the four proposed designs of A, B, C, D published, it looked like a one-to-three composition of "A plan" and "BCD draft" from the characteristics of the design. In the methodology of choosing one plan among the four proposals, we received that it is inappropriate how only the one placed at the head stands out, it is a presentation with "A draft".

Seiji Ozawa conductor for the first time in 7 years, Berlin Philharmonic: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Takoyaki Rainbow: Major debuts deliver me from Osaka! - Mainichi Shimbun

Morning Dora "To and Sister" in the first week all exceed 20% - Entertainment: Nikkan Sports

The Japanese movie official "Do not say fucking Japanese painting! Do you have good luck!" Opinion on the great flame - Togetter Summary

Tanimura Shinji: Collaboration with "Kalafina" in the final performance at the National Theater - Mainichi Newspapers

【There is a picture】 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gives a picture with Guess Kogawaya criticizing public fans | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

【Breaking News】 Billiard Hole in One at Golf Masters | 2 Channels Summary Blog - Alfalfa Mosaic

[With image] Angelina Jolie, finally entering the weight of 35 kilograms | 2 chan thread conclusion blog - alfalfa mosaic

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Yogurt-tailored ice cream minicup "Honey & milk (yoghurt tailor)" fused with honey for a limited time New release from Tuesday, April 19 | Haagen-Dazs Häagen-Dazs

(PDF file)We released Japanese / Japanese sweets using "Uji Green Tea"!

Nadaman × Joint development of Asahi Beverages "Nihon tea of ​​Ayumi supervised by Nadaman" newly appeared! | News Release 2016 | Company Information | Asahi Beverages

(PDF file)Rakuichi XG10 News Release - NewsRelease_201604_Rakuichi.pdf

FM - AM 2 Band Receiver RF - TJ 20 Product Overview | Audio | Panasonic

Compact stereo system SC - RS 75 | Mini component / speaker system | Panasonic

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