A drone that can cling to a wall or ceiling like a ninja

By using special equipment mounted on the aircraft, a drone is developed that can stick to the walls and ceiling as if it were ninjutsu. It is attracting attention that it becomes possible to "catch up" in various places, enabling a new operation method which could not be done in the past.

Microspines Make It Easy for Drones to Perch on Walls and Ceilings - IEEE Spectrum

Drone is developing at Stanford University. On the quad-cotter with four rotors, there are four pieces of equipment with white and round things etc set. Mr. Morgan Pope, who developed this drone, is a student undertaking doctoral thesis research at the school's Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab (laboratory on biomimetic technology and advanced utilization).

The following YouTube movies contain the fact that this drones actually fly or stick to the wall.

Quadcopter Outdoor Perching with Opposed Micro-spines - YouTube

Drone flying in a tree-lined street. This looks like a normal drone.

But then, as you fly toward the wall ... ...

I was clinging as it was. Furthermore, stop the rotor and take a rest.

You will understand well when you look at the slow. First of all, if you touch a wall like a white arm ahead of the aircraft and make the aircraft stand upright ......

It is supposed to support the aircraft by closing the fine lock nail built in the equipment of the upper part of the fuselage and letting the nails into the irregularities of the wall.

This method is epoch - making is where the choices of the place where the drones landing are widely spread. Since it is not limited to a flat and open place as in the past, there is a possibility that utilization in disaster sites and the like may also spread.

When flying again, first release the nails and use the white arm to bring the aircraft back to level ... ...

It is OK as it flies as it is.

This drone can stick not only to walls but also to the ceiling and other surfaces. Thus, on the ceiling of a concrete exposed building ... ...

It is possible to hang around.

As in the case of the wall, it is structured to support the aircraft by letting the key claws bit me into it. Because of this structure, it seems to be unsuitable for Turun and the surface, but it can be operated if it is coarse concrete surface.

Since it does not consume much power while clinging to the wall, it is possible to collect data and take a picture of the camera over time.

A crack in the structure makes it possible to confirm the dangerous site ......

It is possible to easily enter the outback of nature where people can not enter.

It is also a new technology of Drone who can scarcely debris due to earthquakes, etc. and enter the area where the dangerous condition continues quickly, which may enable investigation over a long period of time.

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