The optimum gear search service "Squid Gear Ken Sak" for careful selection of Splatoon gears and hand held gear

Game Awards Selected by Worldwide Gaming Media "The Game Awards 2015"so,Call of Duty Black Ops IIIYaHalo 5: GuardiansPushing out popular games such as "Best Multiplayer award" Nintendo · Wii game for U "Splatoon"is. It was delivered from 10 am on November 13, 2015Large updateAlthough 40 kinds of gears were newly added, the service which is suitable for deriving the best combination from "gear carefully selected" gear that gathers favorite gear power and the gear of the hands "Squid Gear Ken Saku"Has appeared and it seems to be quite usable.


Splatoon has gears (equipment) of various designs, but one gear can be attached to each gear, three gear power can be attached to the sub. This gear power varies from one that raises the status of attack power, defense power, movement speed, etc., to those having special effects. Gears can be equipped with three pieces of "ATAMA" "Fuku" "Kuzu" at once, so the main × 3 and sub × 9 gear power configurations will also change the play at once.

The main gear power of each gear is decided in advance, but the sub is to be determined at random, and it is decided "which gear power is easy to attach" for each gear. If this is configured well, weapons will be easier to use and contribute to Uedemaeup, so it is somewhat worth watching.

It is decided which gear power is easier to attach for each gear, but "I want to stack attack gears anyway" or "I want to arrange speed-oriented gears" "Throw a quick bomb I want a bom flight distance to recline "" I want a gear search service that I want you to use for people who do not want to compromise on gear power and fashion "is" squid gear Kensaku ".

Splatoon Gear Search - Squid Gear Kensaku

Clicking on the link above opens the page "Squid Gear Kensaku".

The usage method is very simple, first click on the gear power that I am seeking from either "main" or "sub". This time, I will click "Squid dash speed up".

When gear power is selected, the gear that matches it is displayed separately for "ATMA" "Fuku" "shoes".

Like this, the gear from the left, the gear name, the number of stars (the number of pre-empty subslots), the main gear power, the brand logo, the one easy to attach with the sub gear power, the one with difficult sub-gear power, It is arranged in the order of. Squid's mountain down is mainly equipped with "Squid dash speed up", a sub gear is easy to attach "defense power up" and "gear up attack" is difficult to attach.

For example, if you click "display ver.2.3.0 additional gear" here ... ...

Only the ones that fit the conditions out of the gears added in the November large update can be displayed.

Also, if you select a gear from the sub - state with a check marked "Show main ⇔ Sub reverse match" ...

It will be like this. Either one of the gear powers selected by the main and the sub is attached to the main, and only the one with the other gear power easily attached in the sub is displayed. If you uncheck "Main ⇔ Sub reverse match also", gears as per the gear power selected by the main and sub will be displayed.

If you click on the gear ......

You can fix a specific gear at the top of the screen.

Also, if you click on the check mark at the right end of the gear, it will be registered as the gear that you own, so register your possession gear ...

If you click "Show possession gear only", you can display only the gears possessed by you. It is very useful when considering "the best combination among possessed gears".

It is also good to make ideal gear powers making full use of these, good careful selection of gears suitable for each weapon, "Hotaru-chan's direct"Eternal falunx Ω"Or"Final Crystal DustAlong with 'Increase Special Increase' and 'Extend Special Time' in order to feed out ...... Maybe it is Ali.

◆ bonus: Gear power effect list
The effect of each gear power is the same as the squid.

Gear Power - Splatoon for 2 ch Wiki *

Attack power up:All attack strength of Main / Sub Special will be up.

Increased defense power:It reduces damage to all attacks.

Increase ink efficiency (main):The amount of ink consumed by the main weapon will decrease.

Increase ink efficiency (sub):The amount of ink consumed by sub weapons will decrease.

Increase ink recovery power:The ink tank recovery speed at Ikasempuk will increase.

Human movement speed up:The movement speed of the human condition increases.

Squid dash speed up:Moving speed at squid dash will be increased.

Special increase up:Increase amount of special gauge will be up.

Special time Extension:The duration of time-limited special weapons will be longer.

Reduced resurrection time:It takes less time for the player to recover when it gets destroyed.

Special decrease amount down:The amount of decrease in the special gauge when players are kicked is reduced.

Shorten Super Jump Time:Super jump time will be shorter.

Bom flight distance up:Bombs, point sensors, and poison balls will increase their distance.

Start dash (for exclusive use of heads):The human condition and the speed of the squid dash are increased considerably for 30 counts from the start of the match.

Last Sport (for dogs only):The ink efficiency and the ink recovery speed considerably increase from 30 counts before the end of the match.

Adversity strengthening (for dedicated ATA):If the number of teams of your team is less than your team, the special gauge will increase little by little.

Comeback (dedicated to ATA):Some of the abilities will be improved considerably for a while after the player is recovered and returning.

Marking guard (Huku only):Shorten the effect time of attacks that find the position, such as the point sensor of the opponent.

Squid ninja (for fuku):The ink does not splash when squid dashing the ground, but the moving speed goes down a little.

Umami (for fuku):When the player is played, we inform everyone of the position of the opponent who defeated the player.

Start Radar (for Huku):While you are at the start point, the position of the opponent player is displayed on the map.

Bom Sear (shoes only):You will be able to discover the trap of the opponent and the bom outside the sight.

Safety shoes (shoes only):Reduction in damage and moving speed when you shake the other ink is reduced.

Stealth Jump (Kutsu only):The jump destination of Super Jump will disappear. However, the jump time will be a little longer.

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