Pre-download 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' and check the new base Bankara Street and New Buki & prepare for the reborn festival


Splatoon 3 ', the latest work of the Splatoon series that paints ink and develops various battles, will be released on September 9, 2022. Prior to this release, ' Splatoon 3 Eve ' will be held on August 28, 2022 from 9:00 to 21:00, where anyone can enjoy Splatoon 3. At this eve, you can try the new buki and new special weapons that appear in Splatoon 3 ahead of time, so you can pre-download and take a walk around the new Splatoon 3 base, Bankara Street, and learn about the reborn festival. I studied.

How to participate in 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival'? | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

◆ Contents
1: Character Creation & Tutorial
2: Exploring Bangkala Street
3: New menu screen & 26 types of available buki & various gears look like this
4: Prepare for the new elements of the new festival

To participate in 'Splatoon 3 Eve', you need to access the Nintendo eShop from Nintendo Switch and download the dedicated software 'Splatoon 3 Eve'. At the time of article creation, when you access the Nintendo eShop, it is displayed at the top, so you can download it immediately without any troublesome search.

1: Character Creation & Tutorial
When you start up for the first time, a notification 'Regional setting for festivals' is displayed ...

Set the region where you live. Note that once the regional settings are set, they cannot be changed.

When the region setting is completed, the movie starts

So, Masu creates a character to operate himself. First, select either squid, octopus, male or female.

Skin color: 9 types (common to squid and octopus)

Eye color: 21 types (common to squid and octopus)

Hair style: 16 types of squid, 8 types of octopus

Mayuge: 4 types (common for squid and octopus)

Bottoms: 8 types (common to squid and octopus)

Kojake: 7 types

The actual character creation screen looks like this. The hair style is different for squid and octopus, but all other elements are common to squid and octopus and men and women.

Character creation of Splatoon 3 (Splatoon 3) looks like this - YouTube

After the character is completed, the tutorial starts. Since the following display appears on the screen ...

Move the controller to align the sights in the center of the screen with Kojake.

When the aim is met, 'As it is!' Is displayed on the screen, so fix the controller so that it does not move.

Next, defeat the controller's L stick and chase Kojake.

When you press the ZL button on the same ink as your own hair color ......

It is possible to dive into the ink. Dive into the ink to move quickly while in a squid state.

Discover something Kojake at the destination.

When approaching ......

There was a familiar wakaba shooter in the box.

So equip it right away.

By aiming the balloon at the target and pressing the ZL button, you can fire ink toward the balloon.

Destroy the balloon and move forward.

It is also possible to climb a high wall by using the action to dive into the ink. Also, if you are immersed in ink, you can recover the amount of ink you have consumed by firing.

In Splatoon, 'gyro operation' that aims at the direction of the controller is mainstream. When using the gyro, you may find that your hand holding the controller faces the wrong direction during battle because you are so focused on aiming, but in such a case you can press the Y button to reset the camera at any time.

You can jump with the B button.

Jumping is possible even in the squid state.

Kanaami who can not pass through if it is a human type ......

If you are in a squid state, you can slip through.

Because it slows down on ink that is different from your ink color ...

It is OK if you repaint your feet with ink.

Also, each weapon has a different sub-weapon, which can be used with the R button. In the case of Wakaba Shooter, a splash bomb is set, so you can throw it far with the R button.

Bomb can deal a large amount of damage to the surrounding area with a range attack.

So, when the tutorial is over, I finally went to Bankara.

The state of actually playing the tutorial is as follows.

I tried playing the tutorial of 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' - YouTube

Head to Bangkala town while being shaken by the train.

2: Exploring Bangkala Street
When this is over, the following screen will appear, so press the ZL and ZR buttons at the same time. Anyone can play so far, but after this you can not play unless you subscribe to the paid service

Nintendo Switch Online .

After the tutorial, Banka Radio will flow only for the first time.

The content of the banca radio is, of course, the announcement of the festival.

The theme is 'Goo VS Par VS Scissors!!'

Goo group with Fuka

Par school with Utsuho

It will be divided into three factions of scissors with Mantaro and will compete.

So, I finally arrived at Bangkala town.

You can check the movie below to see how you strolled through Bankara Street, which is much wider and has a three-dimensional structure than before.

I took a walk around Bankara Street, which is the new base of Splatoon 3 (Splatoon 3) - YouTube

The new Battle Lobby is located at the top of the stairs leading up from the central square of Bankara Street.

There are shops selling buki and various gears in Bankara Street, but ...

At the stage before the festival is held, the level is 1, so it will be turned away.

At the time of writing the article, what is possible in Bankara Street is from the post ......

All you have to do is submit a drawing.

3: New menu screen & 26 types of available buki & various gears look like this
The menu screen that opens when you press the X button looks something like this. You can check the location of the shop in 'Map', but items other than 'Lobby' are not available at the time of article creation.

In 'Stage Information', you can check the stage of Nawabari Battle and Bankara Match. At the time of writing the article, neither Nawabari Battle nor Bankara Match can be played, but it seems that stage allocation is being done.

However, Salmon Run also hid stage information.

In 'player information', your own ...


gear power

Information such as Nawa Butler can be checked.

In 'Options' you can set camera options ......

You can change the color blindness support of the screen.

By pressing the '+' button, you can customize the sobi.

There are 26 types of buki available at the time of article creation. You can see what sub weapons and special weapons are set for each buki by watching the following movie.

All 26 types of buki that can be used in ``Splatoon 3 Eve Festival'' where you can experience Splatoon 3 (Splatoon 3) before release are like this-YouTube

In addition, the various gears of available head, fuku, and shoes are as shown in the following movies.

I checked all the various gears that can be used at 'Splatoon 3 Eve Festival' where you can experience Splatoon 3 (Splatoon 3) before release - YouTube

If you vote at the festival, you can also equip the festival T in advance.

Furthermore, if you press the '-' button, it is possible to register the set of equipped buki, head, fur, and shoes as a coordinate. If you register the coordinates that correspond to the weapon you want to use, you can switch the outfit equipped with the gear power suitable for each weapon in one shot, so you may be able to advance the festival more advantageously.

At the time of article creation, only one emote could be selected.

4: Prepare for the new elements of the new festival
Festival voting is possible in the center of Bangkala town.

When you press the '-' button on the voting screen ......

It is now possible to learn the basics of the new festival in text, such as 'Festival Knowledge', 'Yobi Festival / Main Festival', 'Fest Match Basics', 'Tricolor Attack Basics', and 'Final Results'.

festival knowledge

Yobi Festival/Main Festival

Basic of festival match

Depending on the result of the battle, you will receive festival points, and the more festival points you earn, the higher the reward 'Super Sazae' you will receive after the festival ends.

Festival Match has two divisions: Open and Challenge.

The challenge section is a section that can only be participated by one person, and it is a mode in which you can try your own Udemae aiming for 100 festivals.

Basic of Trikara Attack

The basics of the tricolor attack that will compete with 3 teams are like this. Watch out for the new elements of Super Signal and Matoi.

In the Trikara Attack, the power that was ranked 1st in the midterm announcement competed with 4 players (defense), and the powers that ranked 2nd and 3rd each had 2 players each (attack), a total of 8 players (4 vs 2 vs 2). increase.

The defensive team aims to win by securing many territories while protecting the super signal that appears in the center of the area.

By stealing the super signal, the attacking team aims to secure Matoi, who will automatically paint the map with their own ink. If you touch a super signal, you will be in a try state, and after a certain period of time has passed since the try, you can secure a super signal.

If you secure a super signal, Matoi will be activated and automatically inked. Even if you fail to secure the super signal, the time to secure the super signal will be shorter each time you try, so you should challenge securing without giving up. Up to 2 Super Signals can appear in a single battle.

The attacking team's 'Kenji degree' changes greatly depending on whether the defense team (1st place team) has stopped the victory, so the attacking team's victory (defensive team's defeat) is prioritized over the victory of the own team. Standing around becomes important. However, if the attacking team's victory is hard, it is OK to pull the other attacking team's legs with the aim of winning their own team.

So, the attacking team has three tips:

Here are three tips for the defense team.

The final result will be determined by the total number of votes, conch acquisition rate, and degree of difficulty.

The “Splatoon 3 Eve Festival” will be held from 9:00 to 21:00 on Sunday, August 28, 2022.

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