Check the structure of Apple's original AC adapter on MacBook and check it

Many men are driven by the impulse of seeing the machine "I want to decompose what is inside", and recentlysmartphoneYaCyclone vacuum cleaner,NES controllerA report to disassemble into pieces is released to the public. We disassemble power supply and microcomputer etc and squirrel its structureblogKen Sirifu, who is publishing at Ken Sirifu, decomposes the AC adapter for Apple's MacBook, which is known for its high quality, and explains its structure.

Macbook charger teardown: The surprising complexity inside Apple's power adapter

Mr. Sirifu will disassemble an AC adapter called "A1172" for MacBook Pro. When opening the case from the seam with a wooden sculpture sword ......

Contents is like this. It is said that metal protective parts also function as a heat sink for semiconductor heat dissipation.

Metallic parts also on the back side. Below that the board is visible.

Switching power supplyOne of the big advantages of being able to handle a wide range of input voltage. It can be used in all regions of the world because it covers from 50 Hz to 60 Hz and from 120 V to 240 V with simple plug replacement alone. Diode bridge rectifier radiates heat with metal parts.

When removing metal parts for heat dissipation, the contents of the power supply became visible.

The one written "Primary" is on the primary side, and the part indicated by purple includes the PFC circuit etc. The upper left part written as "Secondary" is the secondary side, and the liquid electrolytic capacitor is used for both the primary side and the secondary side of the cylindrical condenser. The AC from the part written as "Input" is converted from DC part to DC.

When rectifying AC power to obtain DC power, the pulse shape of the radio wave becomes worse. Therefore, the circuit for improving efficiency is a PFC circuit, and a chip for controlling the PFC circuit is mounted on the back of the board.

Capacitor has the property of storing electric charge when voltage is applied, releasing electric charge when voltage is not applied, and it plays a role of stabilizing intermittent current (pulsating flow). It is the microcomputer board of the monitor circuit that seems to be sandwiched behind three liquid electrolytic capacitors.

The size of the microcomputer board is about 25 cent coins. It adopts MPS 430 microcontroller and constantly monitors voltage and current. Stop charging when problems occur.

The back side of the board looks something like this. "SMPS controller" is an integrated circuit which becomes a keyboard of switching power supply. The chip is surrounded by small resistors, capacitors, diodes, and so on. It is a line drawn with a red dashed line that separates high voltage side (left) and low voltage side (bottom right) with insulator. In addition, this AC adapter supports up to 85 W of 4.6 A, 18.5 V.

In the MagSafe connector of MacBook, the middle pin is for data, both sides are for power, the outermost is ground. Since it is symmetrical, it can be used without worrying about the upward and downward orientation.

This is a small "DS2413" chip included in the MagSafe connector. The chip contains information such as the serial number of the charger, model number, power consumption, etc. It means that this information is used by the MacBook to judge whether or not the AC adapter can be used.

Furthermore, comparing the contents of a fake charger of a MacBook with a certain fake charger is like this. The number of condensers and coils is the difference of muddy.

Even if you look at the reverse side, it is obvious that the complexity of the circuit is totally different. There is no PFC circuit as fake. If you look inside, you can see why the genuine product is $ 65 (about 8000 yen) and the counterfeit is pricing $ 15 (about 1800 yen).

However, Mr. Sirif, says that the complicated and elaborate AC adapter for Apple's genuine MacBook is ironically unreliable, often causing a fire accident. Although it is not as reliable as expected, it says that the internal structure is suitable for calling a single work.

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