A blind woman whose vision is resurrected like a switch when the personality switches


B. T., who lived in Germany during his young age, said, "Because of the fact that the visual center of the brain was damaged due to the accident that was early childhood"Cortical blindness"It was diagnosed. After that it began to live with a guide dog, but 13 years later, BT suffered from "dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality)" with multiple persons other than self appearing It was. BT, who was sending a splendid life in which his eyes were invisible and occasionally changed personality and control of his body was robbed, but one day he switched to another personality, and the vision that should have been lost was like a switch The phenomenon that it recovers to a phenomenon occurs, and the paper which studied the phenomenon is published.

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Dr. Hans Strasburger and Dr. Bruno Waldvogel, psychologist who is the doctor of B.T., Published the paper on the phenomenon of B.T. When I investigated the chart again from Ichi in order to pursue a strange phenomenon that happened to Mr. BT, a series of examinations using lasers and special glasses done in the past, the vision of BT is undoubtedly lost It was said that it was showing that it is. Because the eyebelle itself was not damaged, it was diagnosed as because the visual function was not functioning because it was damaged by the accident in the brain.

Thirteen years after the accident, Mr. BT visited Dr. Waldvogel for treatment of dissociative identity disorder, but it is a dissociative identity disorder with more than 10 persons with different age, sex, habits, and personality I was diagnosed as having it. Depending on your personality, you speak English, German, or both, so the language you use is different, which seems to have lived in Germany in early childhood. Between four years ago continuing to treat discordant identity disorder, B.T. Was strangely hit by a strange experience.

At the time, B.T., who had become a man's character during adolescence, for the first time in 17 years since he lost his sight, he appealed, "I could see the letters on the cover of the magazine I had in hand." In a field of view like a narrow hole, only one character was barely recognizable, but the field of view gradually expanded, almost all of BT's personality is "character recognition", "recognition of patterns" I began to regain vision. Wildevogel doubts the diagnosis of cortical blindness, as the personality remains blind, but the presence or absence of vision switches when the personality changes, and this phenomenon can not happen if there is damage to the visual center He said that he started holding.

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Dr. et al. Conducted an electroencephalogram test when BT had two persons with blind symptoms, but even when BT opened his eyes it did not show the electrical response to the visual stimulus, so blindness The possibility of becoming unconscious 'sickness' was excluded. Sight loss may be caused by psychological factors, Dr. Strasburger says, "In extremely emotional situations the brain may block vision." The visual information that B. T. actually got was thought to be blocked before reaching the brain.

Although it is not clarified why vision is restored or lost by switching of personality, the doctors and others think that dissociative identity disorder is the cause of blindness of BT.

The dissociative identity disorder was regarded as a mere "hysteric state" until it was regarded as a mental disorder. Studies of dissociative identity disorder are not sufficiently advanced, but doctors and colleagues say "It is evidence that dissociative identity disorder can be extended to the basic biological level field" I have commented on it.

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