Sapporo's best thick soup to taste both pots and udon noodles "Sapporo Ichiban miso ramen has become a hot pot & salt ramen turned into a pot" Tasting review

Pot dishes that are perfect for the cold season, hot pot soup that can be made based on "Sapporo No. 1" miso ramen and salt ramen soup is "Sapporo First miso ramen became a pot"When"Sapporo Ichiban Salt Ramen became a pot"is. Because the noodles that can make ramen which becomes the dead of the pot are also a set, I tried to taste both hot pot dish and ♪ ramen.

Sapporo No. 1 | Product Information - Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen has become a hot pot Soup & amp; Deleted Ramen Set

Sapporo No. 1 | Product Information - Sapporo No. 1 Salt Ramen became a Pot Nabe Soup & amp; Deleted Ramen Set

"Sapporo Ichiban miso ramen became a saucepan" and "Sapporo No. 1 Salt Ramen became a pot" is in a vertically long package that followed the design of Sapporo's No. 1 bag noodle.

The pot soup and the deaf noodles are set, and the miso ramen noodles are "Nabe noodles".

On the other hand, salt noodle noodles seems to change the thickness of noodles according to the type of soup, "medium thick noodle for pot".

Contents are for 2 servings × 2, for a total of 4 servings.

On the back of the package, how to make etc is drawn with illustration.

The ingredients of the pot of miso ramen are that pork, cabbage, long onion, bunny blossom, tofu, spatula, carrots, bean sprouts etc are recommended.

Recommended ingredients for salt ramen are chicken thigh meat, Chinese cabbage, long onion, enoki, mushroom, mushrooms, tofu, carrots, bean sprouts.

It is a pleasant point that you can save the trouble of cooking because you do not have to prepare a seasoning other than just a pot soup that you need to taste the pot.

Also stewing pots and ingredients together, how to make ramen pot like "Udon" was written. The name of the product is "instant Chinese noodles", the concept that we can put Sapporo's number one ramen as the main dish.

The name of salt ramen is also "instant Chinese noodles".

Inside the bag there are four servings of soup and deaf noodles. In the bag of the ramen of the deaf, the sachet of Shichimen chilli comes with it.

The salt ramen noodle ramen is medium sized noodles with a pickled sesame.

That is why, first of all we will make a pot with "Miso ramen turned into a pot". As the material was on the back of the package, prepare cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, bamboo shoots, leeks, long onions, and tofu and cut them into sizes easy to eat.

First of all, put water in the pot and melt the pot soup.

Since the pot soup has high viscosity and trolley, it is necessary to stir well with chopsticks. When the soup melts, it will heat with high heat.

Put in turns from vegetables that are difficult to boil such as carrots and green onions ... ...

After putting all the ingredients, if the soup boils, weaken the fire power and it will be completed if the ingredients pass the fire.

I tried it in the vessel.

It is said that the soup contains red miso, miso rice, bean miso, and the soup of the rich flavor that the three kinds of miso combine often penetrates into ingredients. Compatibility is outstanding with the miso soup complementing the juicyness of pork.

The cabbage is a fresh taste that was shakiyaki, and it is also nice to have a thick miso soup entangled here as well. It is recommended for those who cut bigger can enjoy the texture.

Short clam, shimeji, chives, sprouts are cooked well and soft texture.

Tofu was soaked with miso-like soup and it became atmosphere of miso soup ingredients.

When you finish eating the pot, add water before making the new ramen. The amount of water should be adjusted according to the degree of soup reduction as desired.

When soup boils, put noodles.

Simmer for 3 minutes, loosen the noodles, boil for another 4 minutes.

When the noodles become soft, add the seasoning ... ...

When you are served on a bottle, you will be finished with udon noodles.

The thick noodles exclusively for the pot are wide spread like crispy, you can enjoy Koshi with rich texture with plumpness. Even if cabbage and bean sprouts are left in the pan, it is good to boil the noodles as it is as ingredients of ramen, and complete the ingredients ramen noodle.

Next, I will make "Salt Ramen Became a Pot". Materials include chicken thigh meat, long onions, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, enoki, Chinese cabbage, tofu.

Like miso ramen, put water in a pot and melt the soup.

Put the cut ingredients in a pot and simmer with high heat.

When it boils, weaken the fire and complete when the ingredients pass fire.

I tried to separate it into vessels.

Sapporo It is said that I use the same spices as salt noodles, but when I try to eat chicken, the soup soaked in is not the taste of the ramen soup as it is, the spice feeling is stronger. Some of the editorial staff who tasted had "a dish like Southeast Asian cuisine".

The soup is soaked in by simmering Chinese cabbage and the taste of the vegetables and the salty taste of the soup match well.

Shiitake feel good to be eaten with simple salty taste peculiar to mushrooms.

In miso ramen, the soup was stained well in tofu, but the tofu that was put in the salt ramen was sparingly divided and felt like a boiled tofu.

When I finish eating the pot, I will make the deaf noodles as well as "Miso ramen becomes a pot".

Salted ramen 's topping is grilled sesame. When sprinkled with the flavor of ramen, it smells fragrant sesame seeds, even if it is full with a pot, chopsticks will stretch unexpectedly, it is an appetizing smell.

Unlike when eating pot ingredients, when I tried to eat udon noodles, I got the impression that "the taste of the best Salt Ramen noodles is exactly the best Sapporo". The noodles are sour soup well with medium thick noodles with roundedness, and feel good with vegetables simmered in mackerel.

In addition, "Sapporo Ichiban miso ramen became a saucepan" and "Sapporo No. 1 salt ramen became a saucepan" is being sold at around the nation's supermarket around 350 yen including tax.

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