Currently I went to a taste of registered tangible cultural property "Tanoshi Yoshi Hundred Ninth" report at the ancestor where Kanaka lived once

The village which was built in the Taisho era with the nominal remedy · prostitution who lived in Osaka · Namba New Town which was burned down in the end of the Meiji era "New Tobita"is. Toyoda New area registered as a registered tangible cultural asset of the country in 2000Tanaka Yoshi 100th"Is still using the building of the time as a pretty building as a restaurant as it is now and it is said that it can taste the remnants of the magnificent decoration of Taisho architectural art, so I actually went there.

The address of Takayoshi Hoshi is Osaka-fu Osaka-shi Nishinari-ku Sanno 3-chome 5. It is a distance of about 10 minutes on foot from Tennoji Station · Abeno Station · Zoo front station.

So I walked from Tennoji station and arrived at the bamboo grill 100. When a woman is walking in the night around Yoshioshi Hanamachi, a driver of a taxi asks the driver of the taxi "If you get in such a place, please be back home early," as soon as you can be told, an uneasy person will use a taxi from the station It is better to go from the Tennoji station through the residential area using the stairs in front of Osaka Municipal Kanzuka Elementary School.

When entering the shop, on the floorScarlet lameIt was laid and it took off shoes and changed to slippers.

So, changing to slippers and going inside ... ...

There was lobby and drawing room.

This is the entrance of the drawing room.Nikko ToshoguofYomei GateIt goes through the entrance imitating ... ...

Inside is like this.

In addition, you can see the state of the room with a 360 degree image while going round the image at the point where you clicked on the following image.

Looking back at the entrance from inside the room, the wall is the family crest of Tokugawa IeyasuMitsuba Aoi.

Decorated everywhere on the wall, it is a space filled with patterns, patterns and patterns that adds up.

A dragon on the ceiling.

Lions and chrysanthemums, etc. are overwhelmed by glamorousness anyhow.

Flower painting on the screens of gold pink. The feeling of fading a little bit recalls vividness and glamor at the time.

At the foot is a gold carving.

When closing the door of the entrance, it looked something like this, and a gold phoenix was drawn in the surplus.

A sleeping cat on the door.

The structure of the bamboo grass hundred number is like this, with the Japanese garden in the middle, it is in the shape of a circle.

There is a bridge over the doorway next to the lobby and you can see the courtyard from above the bridge.

I am overwhelmed by so much majesty & different worlds, but I am hungry, so at any rate I eat. The cabin is on both the 1st and 2nd floor, but this time it was introduced to the 2nd floor. So going up the stairs ... ...

The floor on the second floor was purple.

Despite being in the building, there are roofs in the corridor and there is a long time, the atmosphere like the city at the time.

The plants on the walls and the moon on the ceiling are drawn and you can see that they are conscious of the outside world.

The room that was informed was "Between the bells". It is a very refreshing impression compared to the siping place full of gilded glittering decorations.

The desk looks like this.

In addition to having a cuisine cuisine of around 4500 yen including tax, menu of Yoshi Yoshi Hundred is a conscientious pricing setting, such as a hot pot, a chanko saucepan, an active seaweed dust and a crab and so on are about 3000 yen per person. This time I chose a fish-paste because it is "popular in winter."

How much was the creek, chirimen - shaka and wakame with vinegar.

The ingredients of the pot are like this.

Beginning with beef and poultry ......

Also seafood such as caprice, sea bream, shrimp.

Plenty of vegetables also came out.

In addition to Chinese cabbage, three leaves, leek, tofu, etc., there are also yuba and rice cake.

It is also possible to order dishes such as Edamame and Shrimp Tempura.

The menu of drinks looks like the following.

The shopkeeper will turn on the stove with the chuck man, so wait for the boiling boil.

Put the ingredients ......

Completion when fire passes. The savoring fragrance fills the room and it is very appetizing.

So I will eat it on a plate.

Large clams and ...


I'm going for hot meats and vegetables.

Fish and shellfish ......



Yuba etc.

In addition, you can order noodles for tightening at 210 yen including tax, and elephants at 420 yen including tax.

A little narrow udon goes smoothly with slippery. It is possible to eat deliciously until the end with a special soup of deep flavor, so it was about 2 women in total, so it was hard to eat, so cost performance seems good despite the restaurant.

Although the room passed through was made relatively clearly, it seemed that various designs were rubbed by the room, so I tried exploring the inside of the building. First of all it was a fine mastery though it was in the building "between Kita 8".

On the wall there are paintings of houses and waterfalls, trees popping out.

In front of the entrance there is "Tokaido 50th Five Shimada Inn", and it seems that detailed setting is being done.

We asked the guest who was eating in, asked the interior to show. During Kita 8, there is a space that became even higher as I imagined a houseboat in the room.

On the ceiling is the sculpture of Oi Okawa's passing.

It seems that the door was colorful once, the picture of the waterside is drawn and you can see the thorough atmosphere making.

To another room. Next time I push the wooden heavy door ......

It became a ceiling like the bottom of the ship "Room of Purple Manbe".

Beautiful decorations are given to windows of slightly strange shape.

The corridor and windows connected to it are unique accordion style.

"Chiyomonoma" is a refreshing atmosphere that is similar to the room that we ate.

Also, the largest saloon on the second floor looks like this. The bran is golden.

The characteristic of this room is where there is a stage. At that time, the flowers were standing here, perhaps they were performing arts.

There was a screen that seems to be a modern one obviously in the back of the room, so when I looked at the back, there was a door ......

I continued to a small room at the back.

There seemed to be a small room, apparently used as a dressing room.

Also, during Yura, the ceiling decoration was beautiful and countless flowers were drawn.

In addition, depending on the room it is possible to overlook the courtyard full of wind from the window.

I am going down to the first floor where I enjoyed the second floor. The stairs also have vivid paintings on the walls, and anyhow there are plenty of decoration everywhere.

You can check while walking around the 360 ​​degree image of the hallway at the point you clicked on the following image.

When I entered the shop, I did not notice, but as soon as I entered the entrance I had a place called "Showing a face" on the left side ... ...

It was like a stage. At that time Oiruka might have sit here and showed his face.

Branch is a pine tree and Shirataka figure.

Proceeding through a thin corridor ......

The most spectacular thing on the first floor is "Momoyama dono" of a majestic Momoyama style design that is so luxurious that it can be written as "unlimited villainy" in the description of the shop. Three spaces are connected by a cantilever, and in the past it was used as a castle of an osaka, while being used for entertainment, life was also done.

You can see the inside as well from the celestial sphere you clicked on the image below.

The image you clicked on the following image is also a celestial image from another position.

Momoyama consisted of 3 rooms, "Peony", "Phoenix" and "Shionayoriden", where the doors of each room were engraved with the name.

The columnar fascia is surrounding the room around the room, and the ceiling is decorated with a chic hue from Yura on the second floor.

A wooden sliding door with a picture of a person drawn.

Faded screens of gold pink.

Even even between the tokonomi, it is gorgeous like rarely seen in private houses.

When you leave Momoyama donkey, you are going round a narrow aisle ... ...

What I arrived was a toilet named "Shichirin."

The 360 ​​degree celestial balloon image can be confirmed at the point where you clicked below.

Peacock is settled at the entrance even though it is a toilet, and flowers are dancing. Since the toilet is still at that time, it is unisex.

The inside is unified with blue color, bright chrysanthemums were blooming in the ceiling.

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