High-quality drive recorder "Waylens" for "car ride" which can also add running data

Drive recorder is useful for photographing travel records during a traffic accident and scenery from automobiles. in the pastRussiaYaThailandAs the drive recorder shot the moment when the meteorite fell into it, it sometimes takes a picture of an unexpected scene. I made evolution of such a drive recorder a "Waylens"It is a smart terminal that adds data during driving to the movie or automatically picks up the recorded data.

Introducing the Waylens Camera - The World's Best Data Driven Automotive Cam

You can tell what kind of drive recorder "Waylens" is by seeing the following movie.

Waylens Kickstarter Video HD - YouTube

There are many kinds of cars, but there are many people who like driving as well as driving not only as means of transportation.

The drive recorder for such a car ride is "Waylens".

For example, take a picture of a night town running along a car of your choice ... ...

It is also possible to overlay the various data at the time of running like this on the movie and finish it as a movie up a notch.

You can freely select the data to add on the movie, of course you can leave it off.

If you run in a scenic place, a bit of video work is about to be completed.

Since 9-axis movement sensor (gyroscope · accelerometer · magnetometer), barometer, GPS, etc. are built in the body of "Waylens", these data can be added on the movie. The "Waylens" camera is equipped with a 1 / 1.8 inch sensor, and the lens adopts a bright one with a wide angle of 157 degrees and an f value of 2.4. ARM madeCortex A 9(1 GHz) equipped with 1080p / 60fps moviesH.264Compress with.

In addition, you can check movies taken at any time from the dedicated iOS application and Android application. "Waylens" is compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so use these to connect your phone to your smartphone.

"Waylens" is attached to windshield of automobile using dedicated attachment ......

OBDIn the case of a car equipped with the -II port, by installing the dedicated terminal of "Waylens" here, it is possible to acquire tire pressure, car speed, horsepower, etc. You can also easily add data acquired from the car onto the movie.

In the application, you cut out the movie you shot ......

Or add the acquired information to the movie ......

It can be uploaded easily to various SNS etc. However, at the moment it seems that only the Android application supports uploading with one touch.

OLED display with a pixel density of 286 ppi on the opposite side of the camera lens. Information displayed on the display is information obtained from the OBD - II port. In addition, the information to be displayed can be selected by the user side, and time, speed, gradient etc. can be displayed.

Also, although the recorded movie is saved in the microSD card of "Waylens" main unit, it will save priority scenes before and after the usual driving, such as sudden stop and abrupt steering wheel. Of course, scenes etc specified by smartphone can also be saved preferentially.

GoPro that can be easily installed in various places is sometimes used as a drive recorder but when you compare movies shot at night with GoPro Hero 4 which is the latest model of "Waylens" and the latest model of the GoPro series that can shoot 4K It becomes as follows. Although the resolution of movies that can be shot is higher for GoPro Hero 4, you can clearly see that "Waylens" can shoot high-definition images at night shooting.

Waylens Camera vs GoPro Hero 4 Comparison Footage - YouTube

Such "Waylens" is now looking for investment with Kickstarter. The target amount was set at $ 55,000 (about 675 million yen), but at the article creation stage, the investment of 490,000 dollars (about 60 million yen) close to 10 times already has gathered.

"Waylens" is one investment of 299 dollars (about 37,000 yen), two for 549 dollars (approximately 67,000 yen), five for 1290 dollars (approximately 158,000 yen), 2490 It is possible to get 10 pieces by equity investment of dollar (about 310,000 yen), 30 pieces by investment of 6,990 dollars (about 880,000 yen), and 40 pieces by investment of 9900 dollars (about 1,220,000 yen). For delivery to Japan, you will need a separate $ 30 (about 3700 yen) if it is less than 2, and $ 100 (about 12,000 yen) separately for 5 or more.

The deadline for investing in "Waylens" is 15:15 on Thursday, November 12, 2015.

Waylens - A Data Driven Automotive Camera System by Waylens, Inc. - Kickstarter

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