MIT announces a program that can acquire a master's degree with a free online course

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Provide university level lessons to the US free of chargeEdXThere is an online lesson platform called Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Kyoto University in Japan, and so on. Edx can receive classes at the university level but is not supposed to be granted credits, but MIT announced a pilot program that grants credits to students who took part in edx's free online course I will.

Online courses + time on campus = a new path to an MIT master's degree | MIT News

SC1x Supply Chain Fundamentals: MITx MicroMaster's Credential in Supply Chain Management | edX

The announced program learns the management method related to the logistics systemMSc in Supply Chain ManagementStudents can receive free courses worthy of the previous term of the course online and then obtain the master's degree by acquiring the remaining units on campus lessons after passing the tests to be conducted thereafter is. It is not possible to get a master's degree only from free online courses from beginning to end, but the opportunity to acquire a master's degree has spread to people around the world wanting to learn about supply chain management through the Internet.

This pilot program started from February 2016, and about 40 students will be accepted. MIT's supply chain management is a course that is located in the top class in the United States, and there are many students who take a bachelor's degree and then take a job once, and the average age of the students is about 30 years and 3 to 8 years Most people have social experience. The high level MSc course online, only in the previous term but free of charge will open new doors for those who did not pay high tuition fees.

Professor Sarma of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT said, "The class form that a master's degree can be acquired through this pilot program has the possibility of breaking the conventional type that it is essential to attend school in order to receive advanced education There is something close to the sense that democratizing the master's degree acquisition method ", he mentioned the possibility of a new type of teaching form.

In addition to MIT, in addition to MIT, in addition to MIT, Phoenix University in Arizona conducts "online campus" for social workers who can acquire bachelor's and master's degrees only with internet classes, or Duke University provides MBA Master of Science in Management), and the movement to push for the acquisition of degrees by correspondence education is getting more active. In addition, despite being unable to acquire a degree, the aforementioned edx, Google and the Bill Gates Foundation will supportKhan AcademyOnline education platform forms such as "I'm attracted attention, and it seems that choices given to people with enthusiasm for" wanting to learn "are increasing more and more.

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